Intuitional Engineering – Fulcrum Vs Phantasm – Which Way for Humanity?

Condemned Area in China Following ‘Entitative Engineering’ Incident!

A recent article published in Forbes Magazine explains how the field of regular engineering is beginning to lose its popularity in universities and colleges around the globe. This decline in the usage of the regular sciences has been linked to the rise of ‘non-touch’ pseudo-sciences such telekinesis, telepathy and spiritual control of another person’s will and body, etc, in the construction of buildings. Prof. Jerimiah Toothstep of the Smithsonian explains ‘Basically, Western civilisation is premised upon the correct use of the fulcrum throughout its many different cultures – take that central pivot away – and everything we know as ‘modernity’ will collapse overnight!’  

Initiative Engineers Perceive a World ‘Polluted’ by Fulcrums!

The Professor is commenting within part of a broader debate which sees those involved in the subject of the ‘paranormal’ advocating a form of ‘intuitional engineering’ that rejects the hitherto fulcrum-led conventional science that has laid the foundations from everything since ancient Greece up until the present time. ‘Engineering without a fulcrum is impossible’ continued the Professor ‘as without knowing where we come from, there is no way of telling where we might be going!’ Intuitional Engineering has received a surprising amount of support from various religious groups – with the common consensus stating that material science has had its chance and now it is time for God!  

Intuitive Engineers Digging for Evidence of ‘Ancient’ Fulcrums…

Pastor Raymond Chalk added ‘Fulcrums are structures of the devil premised upon Euclidean geometry, and as such do not fit-in with God’s plan for humanity. So what if our buildings are not as ‘tall’, ‘straight’ or ‘stable’ as those designed around the Devil’s fulcrum – at least these structures will be full of God’s love!’ When going to press – thousands had gathered outside Congress signalling a support for Trump and a non-fulcrum-based system of structural engineering! 

Intuitive Engineer ‘Warned’ About ‘Lack’ of Fulcrums in his Work!

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