Emails: Pre-WWII Polish ‘Concentration Camps’ and Italian ‘Race Laws’ (1938) [8.3.2021)

One is an ‘Unelected’ Dictator – the Other the Founder of ‘Fascism’!

Dear Adrian 

I can’t find any evidence Bereza was for Jews, its main business seems to have been interring Communists. Surely if it were a camp for Jews, it would be widely published as such. Jad Vashem, etc, would make sure of that. Who was behind Bereza? Who knows, but I doubt it was operating due to Hitler’s influence.  Poles are quite capable of doing this to their own. 

Both ‘Dictators’ Laugh at the Pope…

Dear Gillian 

The Bereza ‘Concentration Camp’ is an embarrassment to modern Poland despite this country now embracing neo-Nazism and ‘denying’ its well-documented part in the Holocaust. The Bereza Concentration Camp is mostly ignored in many of the ‘revisionist’ pre-WWII historical narratives – but then so is Poland’s entire ‘fascist’ past! Its construction was triggered by Goebbels’ visit to Poland in 1934 – and was designed to persecute of the Russian Slavs living in East Poland (formerly West Russia prior to 1920) on the grounds that Hitler associated Slavs with racial inferiority – and Communism as a Jewish plot. Purging East Poland of its indigenous (non-Catholic) Russian population would give the ethnic Poles free land to expand into. However, the USSR annexed East Poland to rescue the Russians in 1939 – effectively retrieving the land the Poles had stolen just after the Revolution.  

Mussolini Was Hitler’s Role Model

I must say, however, that what the Nazi Germans did to the Poles in West Poland between 1939-1941 almost beggars’ belief! This is where the SS (and other Hitlerite Units) perfected their ethnic killing prior to unleashing it upon the USSR in 1941! The UK sided with Poland in 1939 – but we are not told that Poland was a fascist (Catholic) State that had no ideological or historical association with Britain – or that it had been betrayed by Nazi Germany – one of its strongest allies! I mean, the two countries were so close that German and Polish troops (the latter receiving a Papal Blessing) entered the annexed Czechoslovakia together in 1938! Indeed, tens of thousands of Polish men directly joined the Nazi German Army as volunteers! From around 1924 to 1941, Hitler advocated the ‘Total Solution’ to the Jewish problem.  

Average Catholic in Italy Does Not Know ‘What a Jew’ Is or ‘How to Persecute’ One!

These laws were passed in Italy in 1938 – but Hitler, Mussolini and the Pope (Pius XI) were involved in a three-way diplomatic discussion that at one point also involved the King of Italy! Mussolini had promised the Pope he would ‘water down’ some of the laws but withdrew the changes at the last minute. The Wikipage also agrees that these laws were unpopular amongst ordinary Italians. Of course, whether they were or not is a matter of further research. I am always suspicious of convenient Cold War narratives fabricated ‘after the fact’. Italy changed sides and the US was desperate to harness the Anti-Communist rhetoric of the Vatican:

The ‘Horror’ of Nazism!

This involved removing of Jewish citizenship and expelling Jews from the country of settlement. Where they went was of no interest to Hitler) those who did not voluntarily leave were placed in Labour Camps designed to ‘concentrate’ populations. In the UK during the 1930s, the Daily Mail, Express and Telegraph orchestrated a racist campaign to prevent fleeing Jews from settling in Britain. However, after 1941, Hitler ordered that the Jews be physically ‘killed’ so they no longer polluted the world – hence the change of policy as to how the Jews were ‘eradicated’ from society – voluntary departure (which Pope Pius XI knew about) or ‘whole-sale’ murder which occurred after his death (under Pope Pius XII – but that’s another story). 

Allied Forces ‘Capture’ Nazi German Flag!

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