The Day Socialist ‘Libya’ Died (20.10.2011)

Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi (1942-2011)

It was reported that on October 20th, 2011, the armed forces of Libyan “National Transitional Council” captured Gaddafi in Sirte (his home-town). Gaddafi was found hiding in an abandoned sewer pipe in Sirte – and after a brief battle was taken prisoner. The ‘NTC’ – although referred to as the ‘Libyan Army’ – was in fact a conglomerate of Islamic extremist terrorists trained, supported and directed by the West.

Gaddafi’s Last Bodyguard Dies with Honour!

This ‘fascist’ movement is what the West referred to as ‘freedom’ as Gaddafi’s Socialist Libya was torn-apart by the ignorance of religion and the greed of US predatory capitalism. Just one look at the sickening video of the capture of Gaddafi will inform the viewer that the rabid people involved in his murder were not professional soldiers. They were individuals inspired by the politics of ‘Jihadi’ and the idea of turning the clock of social progression back to the Stone-Age! This is a regressive process that is still unfolding as Libya falls ever further into the abyss of a ‘failed’ State! The fascistic West did this by manipulating the UN and deploying NATO Forces. And ‘we’ my dear reader – are responsible for every wound inflicted upon Libya (and Gaddafi) by the ‘voting’ choices we made!

Islamic Extremists Prepare to Murder Gaddafi for the West!

As matter transpired, Gaddafi had received wounds in his legs from (illegal) NATO-bombing and could no longer move around properly. His remaining bodyguards placed him in a sewer-pipe while they attempted to defend him. When Gaddafi was captured by these thugs, he was (illegally) tortured! Following this, he was shot in the abdomen a number of times and once in the head. His body was then subjected to all kinds of desecrations!

Gaddafi Moments From Death!

People were encouraged to spit and piss on the body, whilst others kicked and punched it. Others stuck knives, pens and other objects into it, etc. Indeed, his body was even ‘frozen’ so that it could be brought daily for further indignities to be inflicted upon it. The Western media – knowing this behaviour is ‘illegal’ – made no negative comment whatsoever, but instead focused on the ‘joy’ of his death and other-throw! Al Jazeera – the bourgeois Arab Chanel – fully endorsed the Western other-throw of Gaddafi, as did the European Union which rejoiced at the pictures of his abused dead body! Today, Libya is no longer a rapidly developing modern country, but various piles of deformed rubble covered by the bones of the dead!

Gaddafi’s Body Suffered All Kinds of Indignities!

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