Email: Root Assumptions (2.1.2021)

Dear Gillian

Regarding the deconstruction of bourgeois anti-Socialist propaganda. This is a ‘belief’ system that is very difficult to uproot and I have learned through experience not to waste time and resources on what amounts to localised flashpoints which obscure the bigger picture. Therefore, I target the ‘root’ of bourgeois interpretation-misinterpretation and leave the branches to ‘wither’ through lack of nourishment. Interestingly, although not always evident now, there are a number of scholars from the bourgeois tradition who readily admit that Soviet historiography is fatally flawed through a deliberately fabricated ‘misinterpretation’ that is ideologically-led and designed to favour capitalist greed over Socialist selflessness. There is EH Carr, Alexander Werth, DF Fleming, Grover Furr and Andre Fontaine to just mention a few. Since 1991, however, the bulk of fabricated bourgeois anti-Soviet history has been supplemented by certain modern Russians of a right-wing state of mind – or who had an axe to grind with the previous regime. This ‘fake’ history is favoured by the bourgeois establishment as it uses ‘lying’ to demonise Socialism and inoculate the Western working-class against it. The ‘Stalin is Hitler’ trope is so stupid and obviously ‘ahistorical’ – and yet it possesses an immense (irrational) knee-jerk emotionality that appears to operate as does the ideology of racism! None of it makes any sense – but for many ‘it just “feels” right’! This body of literature is designed to be the dominant narrative within any capitalist society – and to be the first port of call for any young Western student studying Soviet history. This makes genuine Soviet history very difficult to encounter as Western publishers control its circulation by refusing to re-publish – effectively ‘removing’ it from circulation and consideration. Russia has a much broader and ‘fair’ assessment of Soviet history – whilst also allowing for this anti-Soviet disinformation (which can be easily identified and ignored). Chinese scholarship very carefully presents ‘correct’ history and precisely points-out exactly ‘where’ and ‘why’ the bourgeois academics are ‘lying’. Therefore, my dialectical approach is comprised of genuine English-language Soviet history – as opposed to the disinformation – contrasted with authentic Russian and Chinese language historical research. On occasion, I sometimes access North Korean academia through the PRC and my Chinese friends who are always travelling in and out of that extraordinary country for one reason or another. Targeting isolated and individual bourgeois ‘lies’ is time consuming and is similar to a soldier getting bogged-down in the enemy’s barbed-wire!  Whilst isolated on the wire – the enemy can easily and clearly ‘target’ your presence with their well-practiced counter-measures. As a hobby, EH Carr used to enjoy this type of pot-shotting against his ideological opponents. With an expert ‘flick of the wrist’ – he used devastatingly expose the origin, structure, premise and execution of the ‘lie’ under consideration – leaving his opponents red-faced and ‘crushed’ under the weight of his logic! However, the bourgeoisie – as it already controls the means of production – remains ‘unmoved’ by these individual defeats and must be continuously ‘targeted’ at its root. When the working-class seizes control of the means of production – a cascade of loss of power will be experienced by the bourgeoisie! This is why EH Carr wrote vast narrative histories of the genuine history of the USSR as pat of this ongoing attack upon bourgeois disinformation.  

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  1. Adrian Thank you for sending me some great work that you are doing, I hope you and the family keep safe and have a better new year once again many thanks


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