Emails: Jewish Anti-Zionism and Arab Nationalism (14.12.2020)

UK Jewish Support for Labour Leader – Jeremy Corbyn (2018)

Dear Adrian (from Gillian)

See attachment: Letter from Jewish leaders in support of Corbyn back in 2018  The silencing of ordinary Jewish voices, like the silencing of pro-Palestinian, Socialist Jews in Israel is an act of tyranny and religious persecution by what can only be described as fascists. Note that the signatories are the Ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish communities.  They have been effectively silenced by the wealthy middle class liberal Jews who run ‘Friends of Israel’ and the ‘Jewish masons’ B’nai Brith’ we were talking about months ago.  A similar thing is happening in New York, where the Orthodox Jews (often the poorest of the Jews) are silenced and considered something of an embarrassment because they don’t support the state of Israel and instead faithfully accept their ‘exile’. 

Orthodox Jews Oppose the Zionist State of Israel

Dear Gillian (from Adrian)

Thank you for this important data. Jewish opinion is diverse and not monolithic as the Zionists would have us believe. The way to counter Zionism is to reveal the substantial Jewish opposition to it which exists both inside and outside Israel – and which is denied by Israel and suppressed by the Western media – which is following US dictates. For instance, when Trump declared Cuba a terrorist regime – the Open University in the UK ‘banned’ Cuban students from accessing its courses and the Co-Op Bank closed accounts linked to Cuban Support Movements – all because of the warped opinion of a right-wing US President!

Socialist Cuban Doctors Treat the Covid19 Outbreak Worldwide – for free!

Well, virtually all US Presidents inherit a tradition of unquestionably supporting Israel because Israel supports the US foreign policy of destabilising the Middle East and preventing Arab Unity. All Arab nations that oppose the Israeli policy of oppressing the Palestinians have sanctions imposed upon them so that the revenue they accrue from oil sales cannot be used to finance a military that can oppose the West (weapons embargos), and will not allow a Socialist movement that would cure the poverty that most ordinary Arab people live under in these pro-Western dictatorships (such as Saudi Arabia). Iraq was a fledgling Socialist State under the Ba’ath Party the denied US influence and behaved independently – and had to be removed when its Soviet protection evaporated in 1991.

Of course, this was after the US had used Iraq to attack Iran in a terrible proxy war. Iran operates an Islamic Socialist State – and it is only the separatism implanted by the US that stops all these countries from developing an effective (anti-imperialist) Arab Nationalism.

Soviet Stamp: “The just cause of the Arab people of Palestine will prevail!” (1983)

Competing factions in the region are the CIA order of the day – each heavily armed for destructive inter-personal conflict – but not armed enough to make any strategic changes to the situation. The USSR focused upon the Israeli Airforce as the deciding factor (provided by the US) – which Soviet surface-to-air missiles destroyed in around 30 minutes during the start of the Yom Kapoor War in 1973! The massed Arab Armies, however, failed in their task of taking on and destroying the heavily armed (by the US) and well-trained Israeli Defence Force. This was the best chance yet for the Arab world to remove this colonial presence from the region – particularly as the USSR was going to deploy the Red Army in Palestine if the Arabs had done their job properly. It was thought that progressive elements of Israeli society would rise-up and over-throw the Zionists and declare a Socialist Jewish State within a recognised Palestinian State.

The US has Continuously Supported the Israeli Colonisation of Palestine!

The USSR would have then overseen Israeli reparations to the Palestinians and the return of stolen land, etc. The way the bourgeois media deals with all these inconvenient facts is to deploy the ‘smokescreen’ of conspiracy theory – as if seeing the truth as it is a delusion in the mind of the observer. The point of this strategy is that we will perceive reality as it is – and then are ‘guided’ by the bourgeois media to sit here accusing one another of propagating and peddling ‘conspiracy theories’!  

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