Email: Labour Stands for Nothing! (14.12.2020)

General Strike – UK Labour Party Members (1926)

Doormat Dave: Labour pen-pusher wants the Party to stand for NOTHING, to avoid offending anybody at all

Dear Gillian 

A good point. If certain Jews attach themselves to the right-wing – then they should take the democratic consequences of supporting the fascist ideology that killed at least six million of their own people before and during WWII! Furthermore, like all fascists, they should pay the price of being ridiculed and opposed for supporting an ideology that has routinely murdered millions of different kinds of people! They should not be immune from the democratic process and they should not be allowed to get away with the political terrorism they employ (reducing legitimate political criticism to antisemitism). Millions of Jews support this counter-view already – but the British media keeps a firm lid on anything which would disrupt the Israeli political influence operating in the UK). Labour stands for nothing today.  

Demonstration of British Miners

To truly represent the working-class, it must stand in opposition to the norms and practices of bourgeois oppression – not align itself with that very oppression in the hope a few misguided middle class traitors will vote for it! Representing the working class properly means that the State media and press will oppose Labour – but if the policies are right the ordinary people will support (and vote) for the Party! The right-wing establishment can be suitably punished once power is won. There is no point voting for a Labour Party that is a poor imitation of the Tories. It’s all about class – as you often say.  

British Labour Party Opposes UK and US Military Action Against Revolutionary Russia (1919)

Labour is ideologically ‘dead in the water’ and ‘holed beneath the water-line’. How can Socialism be established through a liberal parliamentary system when the process is terminally broken? The supposed vehicle for this – which calls itself ‘Labour’ after a term used extensively by Marx and Engels when they lived in the UK – also carries the Red Flag of working-class freedom! The problem is that many in the Labour Party today, just see these things as empty symbols – out of date – and retained by habit and sentiment. They are now nothing but flags of convenience used by those seeking a political career who couldn’t get into the Tories! These people do not care about us. They do not care about the suffering of the ordinary people or why this suffering is happening. They just do not care. 

British Labour Party Oppose British Militay Action in Soviet Russia (1919)

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