A Comment on Millwall (7.12.2020)

During the peak of social unrest in the wake of the Police murder of George Floyd in the US – a post was made on social media advising all the disparate protest groups to ‘come together’ regardless of difference – to unite in a protest against institutional racism and law enforcement abuse of power! The emphasis was about ‘unity’ against injustice regardless of personal background and difference in in views held – the very public murder of George Floyd was so shocking that it led to world-wide condemnation of US law enforcement, the Trump Administration and the US System! Although ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) coordinated much of the protest as a central organising core – many other groups and associations protested in ‘Solidarity’ with BLM because of the injustice of the murder of George Floyd – rather than in direct support of BLM ideology or political view, etc.  

In a civilised world everyone is allowed to hold their own views providing they are not openly illegal or advocate wanton violence, death and destruction. The BLM movement is sometimes described as ‘Marxist’ – as Marxist ideology exposes and resists ALL racist ideologies – and was the prime-mover behind the motivating force of the USSR and its Red Army that fought the Nazi German Army to the bitter-end during WWII. Many people of colour draw strength from the anti-racist thinking implicit within Marxism – one of the few ideologies that openly opposes Eurocentric racism and advocates ‘equality’ and ‘freedom’ for oppressed groupings and minorities, etc. There is a difference, however, between BLM and the USSR. The Soviet Union’s Constitution was premised upon the ideology of Marxist-Leninism, whereas it is believed that BLM is a ‘Trotskyite’ organisation linked to such disruptive and illegitimate groups as the Socialist Workers Party. Trotskyism set itself up in opposition to the USSR, with Trotsky calling upon his followers to unite with World Fascism in 1938 to attack and defeat the USSR! Trotsky advocated the end of Marxist-Leninism in the USSR and its replacement with a bourgeois capitalist system. Trotskyism only appears to be ‘anti-racist’ whilst refusing to condemn Israel’s ongoing persecution of the non-White Palestinians and continuously undermining the anti-racist ideology implicit within Marxist-Leninism.  

After a century of deliberate anti-Socialist ideology in the USA – many African-Americans now openly support predatory capitalism and seek only to ‘reform’ the racist tendencies that continuously emerge from it. Although many Black groups in the past did embrace Marxist-Leninism and looked toward the USSR for support – today, it is more the case that Black people want to make money (regardless of the well-being of others), and in so doing – be legally insulated from the most obvious and destructive aspects of outright racism. This is the pursuance of the Trotskyite ‘myth’ that the racism inherent within predatory capitalism can be ‘reformed’ and legislated out of existence. Of course, moral outrage ensues when this racism which was once ‘kept at bay’ breaks through these artificial barriers and is still applied to people of colour regardless of their circumstance.  

In this context – BLM protest – seeks to ‘reform’ capitalist society and not overthrow capitalism (the former being the Trotskyite position and the latter being the genuine ‘Marxist’ and ‘Marxist-Leninist’ position). This defines the BLM as an American pressure group with Trotskyite leanings (its only tenuous links with ‘Marxism’) – which is attempting to influence the US judiciary through a mass protest movement – end of story. BLM IS NOT a Revolutionary outfit campaigning to overthrow the destructive and highly oppressive strictures of predatory capitalism – but rather a bourgeois-left organisation seeking to CONSERVE predatory capitalism through its ‘reform’. The fact that BLM does not recognise (or acknowledge) the hideous anti-Chinese racism that the US System perpetuates is indicative of its ideological limitations. All BLM seeks to do is galvanise ‘White’ public opinion against anti-Black racism in the USA. This is because the money behind BLM understands that the US System is the White Establishment and nothing gets changed without White support.  

What was happening at Millwall? A section of the White supporters of Millwall ‘disagreed’ with the Millwall football-players ‘taking a knee’ out of respect to George Floyd and in support of anti-racism. These White Millwall supporters were expressing their opposition to ‘anti-racism’ and confirming their support for ‘racism’ as an ideology. I suspect most of them couldn’t spell ‘BLM’ let alone formulate any coherent opposition to its ideology. This behaviour confirms what has been known all along – that the terraces are a recruiting-ground for the far-right in the UK. What I find disturbing is that the Management of Millwall immediately issued an ‘apology’ to the fans – clarifying that Millwall Football Club ‘does not’ support Black Lives Matter or its ideology! Really? Then why have your players ‘take a knee’? This entire affair demonstrates in a nutshell the problem of White racism within UK society. Many different groups and individuals support the ‘anti-racist’ message of BLM – regardless of how ‘vague’ or ‘non-descript’ that message might be. Rejecting White racism in principle does not (and should not) automatically suggest a support for BLM ideology – but neither should it represent the principle of ‘rejecting’ Black attempts at ‘organising’ and ‘resisting’ against White racism. Black people have an absolute right to resist White racism wherever it might manifest – and White people should have the decency to ‘recognise’ and ‘support’ this activity in principle. This is why the White Millwall fans are ‘wrong’ to ‘boo’ the ‘taking of the knee’ – and the Millwall Management are ‘wrong’ to pander to the racist ignorance of their fans!  

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