Queen to Receive ‘First’ Covid19 Injection in UK! (6.12.2020)

Although the UK once defeated and executed its ruling monarch (as did France and Russia, etc), the British Parliament decided to reinstate the royal family in the middle-1600s – albeit in a dramatically modified and disempowered format. The British royal family today – is a Constitutional Monarchy – comprised of ex-members of the German Nazi Party, disaffected German nobility and Dutch aristocrats. Whilst millions starve in the UK following ten years of Tory ‘Austerity’ and millions more perish from lack of medical care (since the Tories and LibDems ‘privatised’ the NHS 2012), the British royal family carry-out no discernible or useful labour, and continue to exist at the expense of the British taxpayer – receiving the best quality medical attention this money can provide! 

The Queen of Great Britain (and Northern Ireland) will receive the Covid19 vaccination ‘first’ in the UK – confirmed the Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson – because (obviously) Her Majesty is by far the most important person in the country. A special gold-plated vial has been constructed in Belgium at the expense of the British government – which will enclose (and protect) a crystal glass structure embossed with Her Majesty’s name and dynastic designation. The injection will be administered (in the Royal upper arm) by a medically trained member of the SAS to ensure the utmost security – surrounded by a ring of armed MI5 Operatives.  

SAS Medic Disguised as ‘Civilian’ Trains on Cadavars at Barts Hospital

The ’empty’ vial will then be taken by royal courier to the Tower of London – where it will be placed on display (next to the crown jewels) in an area newly constructed by the Tower Guards (Beef-Eaters). It will go on display to the general public sometime next year. Souvenir Royal Hypodermics will go on sale in the Gift Shop as soon as supplies become available. 

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