Zionist ‘Archaeology’ Reminiscent of Nazi Misreading of History

The 1975 UN Report Declared ‘Zionism’ to be ‘White Supremacy’

Israeli archaeologists uncover fortress from time of King David

Zionist Israel is a modern Nation State fabricated after WWII by the British government and (European) religious terrorists operating within the Islamic country of Palestine. The ethnic Palestinians are not European but Middle Eastern (Arabic) in ethnicity. Although the British Army combatted for decades these ‘Zionist’ terrorists – eventually it was decided by a post-WWII Labour government to leave Palestine (in 1947) – and to handover the former ‘Protectorate’ to the Zionist terrorists. These Zionists were White, secular Jews – many with close ties to Germany and German Nazism. This new ruling elite decided that the first priority was to boost the population dramatically (as a means to provide recruits for the armed forces). These Zionists (who had not suffered under Nazi German persecution) then associated themselves with the survivors of the Holocaust scattered across Europe and to do this in the name of ‘Judaism’. These millions of people were invited to come to Israel and ‘resettle’, etc. Of course, not every Jewish person agreed with the creation of a modern State of Israel, or in its propaganda of claiming to be ‘representing’ the diverse world of the Jewish diaspora. Zionist ideologues then started using the horrors of the Holocaust to justify its own aggressive militarism which has been ludicrously justified every step of the way as ‘self-defence’. 

Without a proper consultation of the Palestinian people, Great Britain ‘gave’ half of their country to the Zionists in 1947 – causing immense human suffering through ethnic cleansing. Over the years, the Zionist State of Israel has continuously operated a vicious occupational and expansionist policy in Palestine – stealing land from the Palestinians and expanding the Israeli population into it.  A number of commentators have observed the neo-imperialist and neo-colonial nature of this policy, and how it resembles Hitler’s policy of ‘Lebensraum’ or ‘Living-space’. Zionist academia has also sought to interpret the mythological stories contained in the Old Testament as somehow being factually true – when in reality they are obviously ‘false’ in nature – in as much as they are ‘symbolic’, ‘metaphorical’ and ‘allegorical’ rather than ‘literal’. Biblical stories were never meant by their authors to be taken as factual history and possessed only a ‘nodding’ association with material reality. 

How Zionism is Viewed by Its Victims

The Zionist ideology was developed by (White) secular Jews living in late 19th century Germany – who thought they could ‘hide’ their historical Jewishness by associating themselves with the intolerant ideology of White Supremacy. In other words, these secular Jews felt that as they dressed, acted and looked just like the non-Jewish Germans around them – their Jewish past could be hidden by aligning their political and ideological viewpoints with the broader population – a population that also included anti-Semites. Indeed, in 1975 – and following an intensive and thorough investigation – the UN issued the findings of its investigation on ‘Zionism’. The UN declared that ‘Zionism’ is a form of White Supremacy practiced by ‘White’ middle-class, secular Jews. The government of Israel never accepted these findings, but instead declared this factual and historical interpretation to be an expression of ‘anti-Semitism’. In other words, any attempt by non-Zionists to academically interpret the history of the modern State of Israel (and the influence of its founding ‘Zionist’ ideology) correctly, is to be considered the practice of ‘prejudice’ toward Judaism.  

Diasporic Jews Reject Zionism

How this religious ignorance manifests in reality, is disturbing. The aggressive militarism deployed by Israel against the Palestinians is very similar (if not identical) to what one reads the Jews were treated in areas occupied, controlled or influenced by the Nazi Germans – both before and during WWII. Just as anyone in their right mind would never support this treatment of human-beings in this way – it follows that the Zionist treatment of Palestinians must be equally criticised and not justified through religious ignorance. Furthermore, just as Hitler sent out his pseudo-archaeologists to find ‘evidence’ of Aryan history and presence throughout Europe, Africa and Asia (including Tibet), the Zionist archaeologists saunter forward into the land stolen from the Palestinians and attempt to justify this ethnic cleansing through the ‘imagining’ of all kinds of false signs, symbols and indications of an ancient Biblical presence embedded in the material landscape. What is disturbing about tis misuse of academia is that this Zionist pseudo-archaeology is not ‘questioned’, ‘exposed’ and ‘ridiculed’ by the mainstream academic community – but is allowed to move steadily along its path of attempting to justify Zionist racism and terrorism in the present through an ‘imagined’ Biblical presence in the past. This makes about as much sense as a war-time biography written by Simon Wiesenthal! 

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