The Exploitative Purpose of SpaceX & NASA

SpaceX – Capitalism Luanches into Space!

Anything the United States does is calculated to a) to support b) perpetuate the (predatory) capitalist system and c) continue to control the means of production (by the bourgeoisie). This is the material truth ‘de-mystified’. The Soviet Union was a Workers’ State controlled by the ordinary people and its presence in the world ‘scared’ the US capitalists and motivated them into focusing immense portions of ‘profit’ toward the ‘unprofitable’ exploration of space as the American system attempted to ‘prove’ that the capitalism is ‘superior’ to ANY Socialist System! The reality of the so-called ‘Space Race’ was that the Soviet Union – whilst recovering from a devastating war that had destroyed a vast area of the West of the country (and cost the lives of around 30 million Soviet people) – were able to design, launch and place the Sputnik 1 satellite Into Earth’s Orbit (in (957) just twelve years after the end of WWII! Every step of the way in this competition between these differing socio-economic systems had the pace set by the USSR and its extraordinary accomplishments!  

Sputnik 1 (1957) – Extraordinary Soviet Success!

The US was always one-step (or more) behind the Socialist science, and only prevailed with landing a human-being on the Moon when the USSR was already working on this project. During an exhibition held at London’s Science Museum a few years ago – I was fortunate enough to personally observe the technology the Soviets were developing to land a single Cosmonaut on the surface of Moon when Apollo 11 successfully completed its mission. The Soviet landing module was shaped like a large transparent bubble that accommodated a single Cosmonaut ‘stood-up’ in a secure harness whilst controlling the vehicle with his hands and feet. When the US landed on the Moon – the Soviet government abandoned this project due to its cost and the fact there were too many safety issues that could not be fully worked out of the system.

LK-3 Soviet Moon-Landing Module (1965)

Before and after the Moon landings, however, the Soviets dominated with extraordinary space-probe technology which left the Americans standing still. After the Moon landings, the Soviets built the Space Station – an extraordinary accomplishment that was played-down and ignored in the West. The US (and its Western allies) contrived not to report (properly) all the great accomplishments of the Socialist System of the USSR.  

Apollo 11 – NASA Astronauts Take Capitalism to the Moon (1969)

Lenin stated that Socialist Science begins in the minds of the ordinary people and culminates in the minds of the Socialist scientists who are trained to acknowledge these ideas, whilst refining and developing them – using the material resources of the entire country which is produced by the workers! The ‘profit’ from this exercise involves the spiritual and material growth of humanity and the improvement of culture, understanding and quality of life.

Soviet Science: Human Consciousness Expands with Space-Travel!

Today, this Socialist scientific effort is led by the workers of Communist China, as this country has developed the material strength similar to that developed by the workers of the USSR. In America, however, as its exploitative capitalist governments cannot justify spending on space exploration (as it produces no obvious financial profit), focuses on hi-tech satellites (just about catching-up with the level of technology achieved by the USSR in the 1960s and 1970s, etc), and has ‘sold off’ contracts for space exploration to ‘private’ businesses.  

Lenin: Every Person must ‘Learn’ without End!

These capitalist businesses secure funding through exploitation termed ‘investment’ in the capitalist West. Such businesses are only interested in financial returns, and even plan to link space footage to highly exploitative advertising – and pay-per-view TV campaigns! Only the well-off will be able to see any space exploration successes – and this will be followed by an equally ruthless and exploitative toy and merchandising campaign. Science will be integrated with money in the public domain (and the public mind). Make no mistake about it, Space X exists to continue the ruthless capitalist exploration of humanity in outer space – that’s it! 

Communit China: Tianzhou-1 Cargo Spacecraft [Launched -19:41hr-20,9. 2017] – Wenchang Space Launch Site – Hainan
Communist China: Cosmonaut Technology (2017)
Communist Chinese Cosmonauts – Liu Yang (刘洋) and Wang Yaping (王亚平)

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