Red Army Officers Used in Nazi German Dachau Water ‘Freezing’ Experiments

Author’s Note: The crimes of Nazi German SS ‘Dr’ Sigmund Rascher (1909-1945) were so notoriously corrupt that he was arrested and executed at the orders of his boss – SS Fuhrer Himmler – before the end of the war! The text below is one very small testimony regarding the suffering of Soviet Red Army Prisoners of War held in common Nazi German Death Camps. Whereas British POWs were treated with respect and lived within fairly good conditions – the Soviet POWs were targeted for ‘extermination’ – a policy in-line with Hitler’s ‘Operation Ost’ (Operation East) designed to eradicate the Slavic race. Although the Americans were part of the victorious Allied Forces carry-out the prosecutions at the Nuremberg Trials, it must not be forgotten that Hitler, from the early 1920s, continuously spoke with admiration of the ‘racist’ law the American jurisprudence system upheld,  with the intention that when he comes to power he will ‘copy’ this US system of ‘racist’ law(see the work of James Q Whitman), and privilege the ‘White’ Aryan race above all others! The hideous and horrendous medical experiments carried-out by the Nazi German regime were very much a logical extension of this ‘racist’ law, as was Hitler’s ‘borrowing’ of lethal injections and use of poisonous gas from the US system! Indeed, Hitler acquired the idea of eradicating the Slavs to the East from the White Americans ‘eradicating’ the Indians to the West! To date, no one in the US has stood trial for these pre-Nazi War Crimes or Crimes Against Humanity! The Soviet POWs suffered terribly for our freedom (as did the entirety of the Soviet population), but the US deliberately played-down and obscured this fact during their Cold War disinformation campaign. The two Red Army Officers mention here, despite being half-starved and already subjected to goodness knows what ill-treatment, were both so psychologically and physically strong that they survived much longer than the average victim of the Nazi German ‘freezing’ experiments! Their bodies were taken to a special hospital to medically explore why they were so strong! ACW (20.7.2020) 

On April 4, 1943, however, Rascher was able to report to Himmler’s personal adjutant on the continuation of his experiments:  

“The question of saving persons suffering from chilling by air has meanwhile also been clarified, since, thank God, we had another intense cold snap at Dachau. Some people remained out in the open for fourteen hours at 21 (degrees Fahrenheit), attaining an interior temperature of 77 (degrees Fahrenheit), with peripheral frostbite, yet were all saved by hot baths. As I said before, to assert the contrary is easy! But before doing so, one should come and take a look. Incidentally, a report on air chilling experiments will go off to the Reich Leader SS in the next few days.” 

Even though freezing tests were conducted mainly by prolong exposure of the test person to the open air, Dr Rascher simultaneously continued his ice-water experiments. The following experiment was described by Neff as “the worst ever made”: 

“It was the worst experiment ever made. Two Russian officers were brought from the prison barracks (Bunker). They arrived about four o’clock in the afternoon. Rascher had them stripped, and they had to go into the vat naked. Hour after hour went by, and whereas usually unconsciousness from the cold set in after sixty minutes at the latest, the two men in this case still responded fully after two-and-a-half hours. All appeals to Rascher to put them to sleep by injection were fruitless. About the third hour one of the Russians said to the other: ‘Comrade, please tell the officer to shoot us.’ The other replied that he expected no mercy from the Fascist dog. Thereupon the two shook hands with a ‘Farewell, Comrade.’… These words were translated for Rascher’s benefit by a young Pole, though in a somewhat different form. Rascher went to his office. The young Pole at once tried to chloroform the two victims. But Rascher came back at once, threatening us with has gun and holding out the direst consequences if we dared touch the victims again. The test lasted at least five hours before death supervened. The two bodies were taken to the Schwabing Hospital in Munch for post-mortem examination.” 

Doctors Of Infamy: The Story Of the Nazi Medical Crimes, by Alexander Mitcherlich, Fred Mielke & Heinz Norden, Kindle Edition (6.11.2015) – Loc 876-912 

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