Email: Freedom of Worship in the UK! (18.7.2020)

Author – Outside a Typical Locked Church in the Sutton Area!

Dear Gillian

This Church is always locked and often shut. There’s a small but dedicated congregation that meets around once a month. Every six months or so the small bell on the roof is rung with some of the local elderly still thinking it is warning of a Luftwaffa attack! The Church Hall is down the road and used by play groups and for dance lessons, etc. We were not allowed to rent it on Sunday mornings as Taijiquan is an evil (heathen) activity, which oddly enough, is sometimes performed on the heath! Still, it must be soul-destroying for the faithful not to be able to go to Church regularly. This Church policy actually hinders the right to religious freedom! Why doesn’t the Falun Gong Cult self-immolate outside of all the locked and closed Churches in the UK – in the name of religious freedom? Why isn’t Richard Geer self-financing public information films about ‘religious oppression’ in the UK? Could you imagine the UN blanket-bombing Canterbury until all the Churches are unlocked? We shall await for the Vatican fact-finding mission…

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