Email: Camp of Saints by Jean-Raspail (1973)

Dear Gillian

President Donald Trump is a neo-fascist. This is not merely left-wing oppositional rhetoric, but a practical reality that is plane to see and easy to observe. Neo-fascism is the contemporary (post-1945) totalitarian socio-economic order, originally invented by Mussolini and practiced by Hitler and Hirohito – and which culminated in the invasion of Africa, the Holocaust and the invasion of the USSR during WWII! Neo-fascism, in many ways, was formulated by Julius Evola (1898-1974), who advocated the appealing to the ‘gut feelings’ of the working-class, so that their naturally held ‘prejudices’ and ‘fears’ are encouraged, straightened and expanded through neo-fascist rhetoric. In this regard, US anti-intellectualism is a key cultural ingredient required to prepare a population living within a democratic society, to place that society at ‘risk’ by voting ‘in’ a fascist, who like Hitler, carries the power to ‘suspend’ and finally ‘dissolve’ the democratic process and electoral system. Indeed, the US policy of opposing (Marxist-Leninist) ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’, whilst encouraging neo-fascism and neo-Nazism (whilst embracing the right-wing mirage of ‘Trotskyism’), has generated the foundations for a neo-fascist take-over! 

The ‘Camp of Saints’ is a Biblical phrase taken from ‘Revelations’, and refers to a battle to end all battles between the forces of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, with a real chance that the representatives of the ‘good’ might suffer an eternal defeat! This represents much of the religious angst that lies behind Western racism, where non-Europeans are routinely equated with ‘evil’. Just why Westerners are equated with the ‘good’ when Jesus wasn’t ‘White’ is an assumption that is never explained on the far-right! Apparently, this is the book favoured by the alt-right and Steve Bannon – Trump’s Campaign Manager. Reference to it is continuously made by Trump as ‘dog whistles’ (or coded reassurances) to his far-right (White) support base that ‘the (non-White) race problem’ is both a) fully acknowledged and b) being fully and effectively dealt with. The book is an allegory for the White fear of eradication through mixing, but as Indians couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery (bad dharma and bad karma), the very idea that a group of them would steal an armada of ships and then purposely ‘sail’ it toward France is far-fetched.  The average Indian inhabits a very different spiritual and physical world to that of the average Westerner, and unless polluted by Western capitalism and the stupidity of the Western right-wing (as is the fascist BJP government), they would generally possess no impulses whatsoever, toward manifesting this type of behaviour, which is really a manifestation of ‘White paranoia’. The book is stupid, yes, but that’s its point. It writes from what the fascist intellectual Julius Evola terms the ‘sub intellectual’ – the place where all White fear lurks but can only express itself in coded messages. There’s nothing logical about any of it, but it is the basis of the Trump Administration! 

Hindu racism and prejudice arises from the Brahmanic caste-system, which gives religious reason for the lighter-skinned to be considered racially and spiritually superior to those possessing darker-skin, etc. Since Independence in 1947, indigenous Indian racism has dove-tailed quite nicely with Western racism, which has seen the Indian right-wing adopt the anti-China racism as formulated by the West! This situation has been compounded by India pursuing a predatory capitalist path, instead of a much-needed Socialist trajectory! In recent times, this has led to the election of the neo-fascist BJP which pursues an ultra-nationalist path of extreme religious bigotry, racism and militarism! Although attempting to ‘mimic’ its Western counter-parts – India does not possess the historical experience or culture to make these modes of ruthless behaviour work outside of its own geographical boundaries. Indian police office can beat Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Jainists and others with sticks – simply because they are not ‘Hindu’, but when the Indian Army is used by the Americans to ‘invade’ Chinese territory, it is quickly destroyed by the People’ Liberation Army (PLA)! India has come under attack from the forces of Western fascism – the exact opposite to what is expressed in Raspail’s racist diatribe! 

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