How Forensic Science Will Absolve the Khmer Rouge (1975-1979)

I am of the opinion that the Khmer Rouge did not possess the a) ideological purpose, b) the ability, c) the time, or d) the means – to carry-out the mass-killings (reckoned to be in the ‘millions’) associated with that regime by the US government and the Hollywood film industry. If forensic science is used to assess the numerous bones that are on permanent display in the country as ‘evidence’ of this alleged ‘holocaust’, I believe the results would reveal that must, if not all, of these victims will show signs of death by US weaponry, specifically bomb fragments, napalm residue and of course, bullet wounds. The US Military illegally enter Cambodia on a number of occasions in the 1970s, carry-out political assassinations, destroying Vietnamese bases and Cambodian Movements sympathetic to the Vietnamese war against the US occupation. This US ground war was interspersed with massive US blanket-bombing of the area, and it is believed the Americans are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Cambodian people, and that it is their remains that are on display in Cambodia today. When Ho Chi Minh died in 1969, there was a change in the leadership and direction of the Vietnam Communist Party. The VCP switched its allegiance from Communist China to the USSR, and bizarrely formed an ‘understanding’ with the US following that country’s withdrawal from Vietnam in 1975. In return for economic aid and reparations, the VCP agreed to ‘invade’ and ‘destroy’ the Chinese-backed Khmer Rouge which held power in Cambodia from 1975-1979. This invasion by the Vietnamese Army also received the tacit support of the USSR which was also keen to see Chinese-Communist influence pegged back to the geographical boundaries of China. The Vietnamese successfully invaded Kampuchea in 1979 (despite a short-lived Chinese counter-attack into Vietnam at around the same time). The Vietnamese Army occupied Cambodia for ten years with no one allowed in or out – before finally leaving in 1989. In those ten years the occupying Vietnamese Forces, with assistance from the US and USSR, fabricated a ‘Hitler-like’ massacre of millions of people supposedly carried-out by the Khmer Rouge! Human remains were gathered from mass burial areas containing the victims of US bombings and were stacked in massive pyramid displays at a number of purpose-built ‘Holocaust’ museums scattered around the country. The Khmer Rouge was an impoverished peasant movement following the Socialist ideology of Mao Zedong, and receiving limited aid from both Vietnam and China whilst Ho Chi Minh was alive. Although it was a struggle just to eat from day to day whilst being continuously attacked by the US, the post-1975 Vietnamese (and their allies) would have us believe that the Khmer Rouge miraculously established an advanced and sophisticated infrastructure like that found in Nazi Germany in 1933! In-between being blanket-bombed and desperately seeking food, we are to believe that the Khmer Rouge rounded-up, and photographed millions whilst writing-down elaborate biographies (when very people in the country could read or write), before torturing and killing their own populace! Furthermore, after the Vietnamese ousted the Khmer Rouge from power in Cambodia, the US, NATO and the UN knew exactly were the Khmer Rouge were living in the jungle, but there was never any attempt to arrest or try its leaders. This is because there was a risk that a trial would reveal the US and Vietnamese lies, and confirm that the only massacre that happened in Cambodia was carried-out by the Americans!  

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