Bulgaria: the ‘Revival Process’ Myth (1984-1989)

Author’s Note: The so-called ‘Revival Policy’ (of Socialist Bulgaria) in the mid to late 1980s is a US propaganda construct implanted in Western anti-Socialist narratives. As a CIA-generated ‘false flag’ initiative, this offensive is related to the anti-Socialist US policy of ‘Islamo-fascism’ perpetuated in Afghanistan in the 1970s and 1980s, which targeted the poorly educated tribal peoples of that country to take-yup arms ‘for money’, and overthrow the democratically elected Socialist government. This activity was justified by imported (US-trained) imams who taught a ‘false’ interpretation of the Holy Qur’an which integrated notions of Western (nationalistic) racism with false or distorted (rightwing) Islamic ideology. Of course, once manufactured, this policy of Islamic terrorism has developed beyond the control of the US – with the US now being designated as ‘enemy number one’! The US has used this policy of distorting Islam not only in Bulgaria – where Turkic Muslims lived very good and fulfilling lives) – but continues to do so amongst the Uyghur people of northwest China. The anti-Socialist narrative is exactly the same, with a slight adjustment made for local conditions. Despite all the evidence clearly pointing to the ‘fake’ nature of this allegation, like Hailey’s Comet in the night-sky, this fake story still circumnavigates the Western mind! ACW (6.7.2020) 

The US has been instrumental, throughout much of the 20th and 21st century, in propagating ridiculous rightwing myths designed to undermine the egalitarian policies of countries whose populations have decided to exercise their self-determination, and apply the ideology of Scientific Socialism to their affairs. Wikipedia is a US government-controlled ‘encyclopaedia’ masquerading as a ‘free access’ and ‘independent’ platform for sharing knowledge, when in fact it is nothing of the kind. Not only does it host incorrect and inaccurate data, the group of individuals who really control the style and content of its output ensure that it manifests whatever the US policy happens to be, concerning whatever issue is being discussed. Wikipedia is an effective US propaganda tool, as it is often the first place that Western users of the internet consult when seeking knowledge. Wikipedia, for instance, prevents exposure and debate regarding Israeli War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity confirmed as happening by the UN, and continuously propagates US Cold War Disinformation in place of general information when covering the history of the Soviet Union and the Communist Bloc. Wikipedia, which is headquartered in the US, pursues a vicious rightwing Eurocentrism which is racist, and designed to brainwash younger users into unthinkingly ‘accepting’ the lies the US government propagates against the ideology and history of Scientific Socialism. 

Wherever possible, the US government has sought to project the inequalities and injustices that exist within its own (capitalist) society upon any and all Socialist societies. Whereas Socialist societies advocate ‘internationalism’ and a rejection of ‘nationalism’ premised upon narrow definitions of race, ethnicity, religion or culture, the US pursues a policy of making these policies appear to be the exact opposite of what they are, simply by a) claiming they are the opposite to what they are, and b) fabricating back-stories to justify such claims. The ‘denials’ issued by the Socialist countries subjected to these US terror-attacks are used by the Americans as further ‘proof’ or ‘evidence’ of their initial ‘lies’, and confirmation that ALL Socialist countries are ‘evil’ and not to be trusted, etc. This ‘inverted’ approach to history uses exactly the same blue-print for every Socialist country at existing at whatever time in world history. As the US strives desperately to prevent the international working class from ‘uniting’, the fabricating of ethnic and racial discontent within Socialist countries is an a priori requirement for all genuine myth-making. The fact that the majority of people still fall for these lies is justification enough for the US continuation of this policy (which we see aimed at countries such as North Korea and China, despite no objective or reliable evidence to support these Eurocentric arguments).  

Bulgaria, during WWII, was a fascist country which sided with Adolf Hitler and assisted the Nazi Germany invasion of the USSR (1941-1945). Indeed, Bulgarian troops participated in the murder of over 27 million Soviet men, women and children during that time. US pseudo-history tends to avoid these ‘facts’ when discussing Bulgaria, primarily because the US has never officially criticised Bulgaria for these crimes. A Socialist government came to power as the Soviet Red Army ‘Liberated’ Bulgaria in September, 1944. As the modern Bulgarian government is yet again ‘fascist’, it refers to this ‘liberation’ as a ‘coup’. From 1984 – 1989, the US claims that the Bulgarian government deliberately attempted to ‘change’ Turkish names to Bulgarian names. Outside of the US imagination, there is no evidence for this supposed ‘Revival Process’ ever taking place. Indeed, such a ‘Revival Process’ if it ever existed, would be ‘fascist’ in nature (as it limits the definition of a ‘Bulgarian’ to the ‘Bulgarian’ ethnicity). Admittedly, this one of the ‘shakier’ US propaganda offensives, but it still gets occasionally gets wheel-out to unsuspecting audiences and gullible individuals! Some Turkish people intermarried with Bulgarians and acquired different names this way, whilst some ethnic Bulgarians married Turks and changed their names that way. However, some Bulgarian converts to Islam either kept their Slavic-sounded names or adopted Islamic names, quite often they possessed (and used) both names. Even some Turkic people kept their Islamic names whilst voluntarily assuming Bulgarian-sounding names. This is a natural process of assimilation that goes on all over the world. The only time that a ‘Bulgarian’ nationalism was revived, has been after1991 and the resurgence of neo-Nazism in the region. A process the US government has fully encouraged due to its anti-Russian nature. When Turkish people suffer racial attacks in ‘capitalist’ Bulgaria today, the US says ‘nothing’.  

The post-1945 US government and its Western allies set about ‘disinforming’ about Bulgaria under Socialism, even though the country was re-built and its people benefitted extensively through Socialist reform and restructure. As with every genuine Socialist society, freedom of religion was guaranteed under law. The Muslim populations of Bulgaria – some of which were ethnic Turks whilst others were ethnic Bulgarian converts to Islam – lived good and fulfilling lives. However, just as the US attacks the Uyghur and Tibetans living in China – claiming a discontent and ill-treatment that does not exist – The US targeted (and attacked) the Turkish and Islamic populations living in Bulgaria. Visitors to Bulgaria stated clearly (and often) that there was no such oppression of Bulgarian Turks (or Muslims) within Bulgaria, with eye-witnesses reporting a vibrant mosque-attending population of Islamic peoples. Muslims had access to free healthcare, housing, education, religious worship and employment. In the countryside, the Bulgarian government assisted poor and isolated communities, with many young Muslim men and women joining the Bulgarian Red Army. Whereas Socialist government of Bulgaria took very effective measures to eradicate ‘racism’ and ‘fascism’ from within the population, the US continuously claimed the opposite was happening. 

Where there is a lack of evidence to support US pseudo-history, invariably the tried and tested strategy is to wheel-out disaffected dissidents in-front of microphones and cameras, and whilst reading from scripts, attempt to give credence to the American lies! For most people this process is all that is needed to ‘prove a point’. Modern Turkey, which flirts with fascism whilst supporting predatory capitalism, has carried-out its own fair share of US-supporting propaganda by fabricating rightwing ‘lies’ about imagined persecutions of Turkic people living in other countries.  This has been part of a Turkic ‘Islamo-fascist’ offensive which has seen a ‘pan-Turkish’ nationalism advocating the ‘supremacy’ of the Turkish race and Turkish religion (this is sometimes seen operating in the terrorist attacks carried-out by Uyghurs in China). One ridiculous US-Turkish allegation is that the Bulgarian government ‘forcibly’ tried to inflict Bulgarian names upon ethnic Turks between 1985 – 1989. From a Socialist point of view, this makes no sense whatsoever.  This is so ludicrous that even Wikimedia (which usually has no problems publishing all kinds of US disinformation and anti-intellectualism), has ‘drawn the line’ at the at the ‘Revival Process’ myth and removed the relevant page to a ‘discussion’ section stating that there is a problem with authentication and objectivity! At least this is the case in the Bulgarian-language pages of Wikipedia- which are a mine-field of neo-Nazi glorification, US Disinformation, US anti-intellectualism, US pseudo-history and plain lies. The Turkic people were never oppressed in Socialist Bulgaria (and forced to change their names), but Turkish fascism spreading from Turkey, may have caused minor problems from time to time.  

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