Fanta – Why the Nazis Invented ‘Nazi-Cola’ (1940)

Hitler Personally Authorised Fanta!

Translator’s Note: Although President Roosevelt viewed Nazi Germany as a major threat to US interests and world peace, US buinesses – such as Coca-Cola – chose to pursue very lucrative comtracts throughout Nazi Germany and its conquered territories. However, as the US government brought in more and more restrictions regarding direct trade with Nazi Germany, Hitler ordered that the existing Coco-Cola factories and workforce be used to make a ‘new’ fizzy drink that would ‘refresh’ the German people and German Armed Forces as they went about their day pursuing ‘glory’ for the Third Reich! This new German drink was called ‘Fanta’ after the German word ‘fantasie’, which means that which is ‘imagined’ in the German language. Hitler replicated the Coca-Cola factories throughout Europe, and after the war, these assests were handed-over to Coco-Cola – which allowed this US business to expand all over Europe with virtually no cost or risk. The US Coco-Cola company started using these Nazi German factories to produce Coco-Cola with ‘Fanta’ only being mass produced from 1955 onwards. ACW (6.7.2020)

The most unexpected invention to emerge from out of Nazi Germany must surely be the (now well-known) fizzy drink known as ‘Fanta’. Before the Second World War, Coca-Cola had a good business in Germany. In 1939, Germany had 43 bottling plants and more than 600 distributors.

However, by the 1940s, as the relationship between the United States and Nazi Germany became more tense, Coca-Cola’s main syrup formulations became increasingly difficult to obtain. In 1940 – Scheteilig – the Head of the Coca-Cola company in German – used whey, colourings, and apple residue to create a new beverage as a substitute for Coca-Cola – now produced in Fitzgerald, Essen, Germany. This beverage was (personally tested by Hitler) and favoured by the Nazi leaders as soon as it came out, and was authorised for mass-production. As Coca-Cola withdrew its business from Nazi Germany – Hitler ordered that these factories and the livelihood of the workers be ‘protected’ with the protection of this new drink that favoured the ‘facsist spirit’ and ‘racial purity’ of the German people!

From 1942 to 1949, Coca-Cola was completely replaced by Fanta in Germany. However, the taste of Fanta at the time was completely different from that which is familiar today. The current “orange flavour” Fanta came from Italy after the war.

Original Chinese Language Text:

纳粹德国的意外发明——芬达饮料。 在第二次世界大战之前,可口可乐公司在德国的生意很好,1939年时德国已有43个装瓶厂和600多家分销商。然而到了1940年代,随着美国与纳粹德国的关系愈发紧张,可口可乐的主要糖浆配方越来越难以获得。1940年,可口可乐公司德国业务的负责人施太里希(Scheteilig)在德国埃森利用乳清,色素以及苹果残渣创建了这款新饮料作为可口可乐的替代品,也就是芬达。这款饮料一问世就得到了纳粹领导人的青睐,之后大量生产。他通过新的这款饮料维持了这些工厂的运作以及工人们的生计。1942年-1949年,可口可乐在德国完全被芬达代替。 不过,当时芬达的味道和现在的完全不一样,现在的“橙味儿”芬达”则来源于战后的意大利。

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