On This July 4th – Do Not ‘Celebrate’ America’s Fascism (2020)

US ‘White’ Racism Underlies Its Bloody Military Campaigns

A recent academic report states that the US military has killed 20 – 30 million people since 1945. Obviously, this does not include the casualties of WWII. These numbers are presented with a certain indifference, as if the 30 million are inferior and deserved to die. As if their lives were worthless and that we should not give them any further thought. These non-White people were killed and murdered by the US military because a) they wanted to be ‘free’, and b) many wanted to live in a Socialist society or a society ‘free’ of US values and interference. This is a policy of fascism pursued by the US as a means to spread and perpetuate its system of predatory capitalism! When the US attacked Korea, China Vietnam, various South American countries, Panama, Granada, Iraq and Afghanistan, its military technology was turned upon poor, rural cultures and societies that possessed little material resources to hit back with. You can see on YouTube videos of US Drones or Apache helicopters firing highly accurate explosives rounds a mile or two away from groups of lightly armed Taliban, some of whom kneel down and start praying as a response! The US military personnel make racist comments as the bodies explode and start laughing at the death and destruction, they visit upon another culture! (These – and similar videos – then appear on ‘shock’ sites catering to the far-right in the West, as a form ‘entertainment’).  

Confederate Flag is Now Usurped by Modern Racists

This fundamentally ‘racist’ attitude permeates the US military and has led to numerous and continuous allegations of War Crimes, including rape and murder. The 20-30 million the US military has killed and murdered since 1945, have often exhibited tremendous bravery in the face of overwhelming firepower, but in the West are taught to just ignore their deaths and this my friends, is the essence of racism. The only freedom the US military fights for, is that if the US (White) bourgeoisie and its allies!  The US integrates its non-White populations into the fascism of it White society – that is those who own the means of production. This is why certain groups of non-White people are partially empowered and rewarded by siding with the fascist ideology of their White oppressors. The Americans have only paid the price once for their military aggression overseas, and that was during the 911 terror attacks upon New York where just 2,998 people died. Therefore, the price paid by the civilian population of the US for voting in governments that ordered their military to kill 20-30 million around the world (for being ‘different’) – was just ‘2,998’ – and yet all we hear about is how ‘important’ these people were, and how ‘their’ sacrifice was far more worthy of remembrance and respect than the 20-30 million that the US military has killed in their collective names! Is this not the definition of what it means to be ‘racist’? For a racist, not all deaths are ‘equal’. Why should America get away with killing people around the world in their millions just because they want their own freedom? Don’t forget that there are far more people killed by the allies of America. Just recently, the fascist government of the Philippines murdered a number of young people because they were ‘Communist’ They were shot dead on a bedroom floor and the picture flashed around the world! On this July 4th, I say that the US working class should rise-up and over through the bourgeoisie that has committed these crimes! 

America Has a Long History of Eurocentric Racism

The international community has to unite in solidarity to expel all the US military bases strategically situated around the globe! These bases were aggressively ‘placed’ after around Europe and Asia under the justification of ‘defending’ the West from ‘Communism’! Imagine defending or ‘preventing’ the working class from developing naturally, as nature intended! It is like America trying to stop the process of evolution (although its anti-intellectualism comes close)! It is exactly a Socialist Revolution that the Western working class needs and not protection from it! The American working class should seize the means of production. The US (bourgeois) military should be disbanded and a new Proletariat ‘Red Army’ of the people should take its place! The racist police of the US should also be disbanded and with a ‘People’s Militia’ taking its place! The ruling working class should then initiate far-reaching trials for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity for the whole of North America, with the Death Penalty for these ‘political crimes’ being a definite possibility. The Death Penalty for ‘civil crimes’ should be immediately suspended and commuted to ‘life’, with each case examined for racism and bourgeois injustice. Former Presidents of the US should be open to Court action and subject to the Death Penalty if required. These (and similar) measures is how we ‘stop’ the US using its bourgeois military in the above manner.  

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