Email: Antifa and Freemasonry (18.6.2020)

Dear Gillian 

Obviously, as a Marxist-Leninist, I am an Internationalist who opposes all types of racism, and discrimination. Racism is unscientific. However, Trotsky was a renowned racist who had a particular dislike of the Chinese. He was a White Jew and ardent Zionist – which means he was a White Supremacist. So far so good. Now, Facebook, as you know, behaves illegally outside of the US because the governments of the sovereign States it operates within, allow FB to operate as if it where still in the US applying US law to us – people US law has absolutely no power over whatsoever! Furthermore, as a racist organisation, FB routinely persecutes the leftwing and has done this for years even though this policy has got far more obvious and intense since the election of Trump. FB allows the most hideous racist comments and typicaly blames the victims of these racist atacks for reporting what is an ‘offence’ in countries such as the UK! FB, whilst aplying rightwing US law to all and sundry, does not acknowledge or apply the sovereign law of the countries it operates within. Occasionally, due to various avenues of pressure FB will act against the rightwing and I think you will find this interesting:

The rightwing Trump paid for a FB advert using the upside-down red triangle to refer to ‘Antifa’ as a ‘terrorist’ organisation. FB has been forced to take down this advert because no Court has declared ‘Antifa’ a ‘terrorist’ organisation. As you know, ‘Antifa’ stands for ‘Anti-Fascism’ but has become a White-dominated organisation riddled with Trotskyism. Although it is supposed to be a multicultural organisation, many Black and Asian groups have left due to being the victims of racism from other White members! Also, in the UK a few years back, a number of Black and Asian groups resigned en mass because ‘Antifa’ refused to condemn an Israeli massacre of unarmed Palestinian men, women and children, stating that Zionism is not racist! This is a typical Trotskyite attitude which refuses to criticise Israel. Trotskyites only align themselves (temporarily) with anti-racism to court popularity and influence amongst the general population. Just as Trotskyites are controlled by freemasonry, it looks as if ‘Antifa’ is also a freemasonry operation, as it openly uses the upside-down triangle worn by freemasons in the Death Camps. Freemasons were a rightwing group that would not accept Hitler’s rule and demanded that Hitler join them – which he would not. The freemasons wanted to take control of the Nazi movement and not oppose it. They were imprisoned as rightwing opposers of the Nazi regime. Antifa could have chosen any symbol and yet it uses the freemasonry symbol! Antifa needs to be abolished and a new and genuine Marxist-Leninist organisation must be built from the ground up to replace it! 

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