Email: How Marx (and Stalin) Opposed Freemasonry and (Tortskyism) (17.6.2020)

The Opposition of Marx to Freemasonry

Dear Gillian

I am surprised that more has not been more made about freemason influence within Communism in the West! Marx attributed two important events on freemasonry, a) the collapse of the First International, and b) the destruction of the Paris Commune. I had to read Marxist literature in the Chinese translation to discover these facts. Marx and Engels mentioned freemasonry 21 times throughout their collected works, but I could not find any mention of freemasonry in the Index of Tucker’s (1978) Reader, or within two biographies of Marx and one of Engels! Comments regarding freemasonry may well be present in the middle of otherwise very long and involved texts, but without a proper Indexing, how are we to know this? Whilst within the Chinese editions of the collected works of Marx and Engels (including letters, etc), freemasonry is clearly observable and accessible. Freemasons in Germany, Switzerland and Prussia, etc, infiltrated the local branches of the First International and turned them against following the instructions of Marx! Marx move the headquarters of the First International to New York and then closed it down to prevent it becoming a tool of oppression over the workers, controlled by the freemasons! We are often given the false impression that it was arguing amongst the leadership that led to these events, when in fact it was freemason activity. The 1871 Paris Commune, we are told, was destroyed by the German and French forces of the bourgeoisie – which is true – but Marx also states that the ranks of the Commune were infiltrated by freemasons who worked to undermine the morale of the Revolutionaries! Finally, Marx explains that freemasonry does not want ordinary Jews as members, and had branches closed down that had accepted such members. Of course, today, Zionists (being fascists) are welcome within freemasonry simply because they pursue the required anti-Socialist, pro-fascist and pro-capitalist path preferred by the freemasons! I suspect that freemasonry in the West infests the publishing business and does not want the anti-freemasonry attitudes of Marx and Engels understood or known. Furthermore, I think that Trotskyism is the direct of freemasonry into the more genuine Marxist-Leninist movement! Obviously, freemasonry attacks Stalin because he was directly opposed to them and took them on!  

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