Lockdown Church Service for Atheists, Non-Theists and Agnostics (24.5.2020)

Held By: Dr. Adrian Chan-Wyles 

Location: Internet-Based – 10am-11am (BST) – 24.5.2020 

Order of Service: 

Internationale (Sang in French by Chinese Performers) 

Semon: Remembering to be ‘Free’ of Theism in a World of Indecision and Superstition. 

Dearly Collective, we are gathered here, evolved in our current life-forms as we are. As the great Darwin said, we are nothing but lucky collections of past accidents and fortuitous alterations. (Agnostics are reminded that this Secular Church Service is not a recruiting-ground for ‘indecision’, or a platform for formulating a ‘literal belief in theism’). And science said that everything is explainable with cause and effect, even though our understanding is at times deficient, and at others obviously incorrect. This is how human-beings work. When humanity is divorced from the passion of science, humanity is lost in a sea of religiosity, superstition and supernatural speculation where fear lurks in the darkness. Anxiety becomes ‘god’ incarnate as we talk to ourselves in the void of indifference. A mind and a body free of greed is difficult in a society defined by how good you are at being greedy. Even Churches, who claim ‘poverty’ are open in their greed, as even routine State funding is not enough money for them. Nor is the money gathered from donations… And so, it is that people in capitalist society are driven by greed. Greed for them is viewed as ‘natural’. How sad this is when our collectively is ripped apart by the greed of those who do not know! Greed leads to racism, misogyny, homophobia and transgenderphobia – greed leads to immeasurable hate! Even people assumed to be ‘normal’ hate one another and they do this with or without religion. You can believe in religion or not, this is not the issue. The issue is developing a ‘new’ humanity that ‘free’ of the prejudices and misunderstandings of the past. Attachment to the beauty f the past is not a logical reason to remain in the past as even the greatest achievements of the past are now out of date. No one builds pyramids anymore, even though everyone recognises the beauty of the original pyramids in Egypt. Marx and Engels understood the comfort that people experienced through attachment to religion, but stated that the very Church thy adore supports and encourages the very capitalist system that oppresses and crushes their aspirations – blaming their poverty not on the injustices of men – but rather on the bizarre notion that an unseen god is inflicting these sufferings ‘for your own good’, when rich people obviously suffer far less, if they suffer at all! Remember, you are in-charge of your own destiny.  

Finishing Song: Soviet National Anthem (Sang by Paul Robeson in English) 

As you leave, the State will provide you with everything you need!  

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