On Why Communists Do Not ‘Hate’ Religious People

Hatred or disapproval are bourgeois responses and are unsuitable attitudes for Marxist-Leninists to hold with regard to religions and religiously minded individuals. Yes, religions can be dangerous, as can science in the wrong hands, or indeed political ideology. I am not condoning thousands of years of Church oppression, violence or murder in the West, (or any religiously motivated tyranny in the rest of the world), but I am acknowledging the fact that historical (cultural) forces manufacture religions and religious followers – and this is not the fault of the individuals concerned.

Did Buddhism Pre-Exist the Historical Buddha?

Evidence for a type of Buddhism ‘pre-existing’ the birth of the historical Buddha, however, might exist in the Brahmanic teachings of the Upanishads. In the Kathakopanisad, a doctrine is critically described that does not accept the concept of a central and eternal ‘atma’, but which instead advocates a theory of ‘separate elements’ (prthag-dharman pasyati).

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