The Party is the Mother and Leads the Way!

The Communist Party is the People and Leads the Way!

This is a well-known phrase within the educational system of Mainland China. When ‘unpacked’ it should read convey the following meaning – ‘The Communist Party of China leads the development of the Proletariat toward Socialism and Communism!’ Within the Chinese language ‘The Party is the Mother’ is written as ‘党就是母亲’ (Dang Jui Shi Mu Qin). This fits-in with the ideology of Marxist-Leninism in the context of its development within China. Mao Zedong Thought dominated its early development, but this has been continuously modified by subsequent generations of members of the Communist Party. Maoism applied to a certain time period within Chinese dialectical development, but ceased to be directly relevant for Chinese conditions, once all its objectives had been achieved, and imperialism overthrown. Maoism applies to a certain set of socio-economic conditions and is often embraced by people living in these conditions outside of contemporary China.  

The physical aspects of the historical influence of Chinese culture lie all around, and are not limited to the geographical boundaries currently defining the country of China. Furthermore, a ‘living China’ is all around us in the bodies (and lives) of Mainland Chinese people living in the West. These Mainland Chinese people often inter-marry, have Western children, whilst studying or working in the West. Some invariably gain Western Citizenship and make their home in the West. Of course, regardless of how much they fit-in or integrate with Western culture, they are no less ‘Chinese’ for doing this. Indeed, being able to understand and integrate with a Western culture that is often extremely hostile to their presence, is yet another example of the flexibility of the Chinese culture, and how a modern Socialist culture prepares its Citizens to be ‘Internationalist’ and take their places upon the world stage.  

By way of my life circumstance and my professional, academic interests and expertise, I maintain an extensive network of connections with ethnic Chinese people both within and outside China. Not only across the UK, but in other areas such as Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Regardless of economic or political model, there is a common thread of language and culture which links all these living expressions of ‘Chineseness’ together. Chinese people may differ in their socio-economic outlook around the world, but are united in a common ethnic understanding. This reality is no different to any other ethnic group around the world. To ‘study’ China is to study all these distinct strands of the expression of Chinese culture around the world, and recognise a coherent thread running through its core despite any difference that may or may not exist on the surface.  

Chinese culture is extremely clever, innovative, supportive and forgiving, but like any culture, it certainly possesses individuals who, for various reasons, do not express the highest aspects of what it is to be ‘Chinese’. This is normal and to be expected as all ethnic groups are like this without exception. In China those with ability always assist those with limited ability, this is one of the foundations of the Socialist System – being absolutely honest is another. Just as science is premised upon the generation of reliable data, a Socialist Society only functions if everyone is ‘honest’ and ‘truthful’ with one another.  Western anti-China racism, however, which is a particularly virulent form of US anti-intellectualism, is itself an ideology premised upon ‘dishonesty’, ‘lying’ and ‘ignorance’. It attempts to project all of these inadequacies upon its targeted victims.  This racism always attempts to paint China as a ‘liar’ when in fact the exact opposite is the truth. China is a great country and a great culture, whilst its Socialist System is the future of humanity!  

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