Where Did the Corona Virus Originate?

Corona – Like a ‘Crown’

The US deliberately propagates anti-China racism as a continuation of its Cold War policy against Communist China. People of Chinese ethnicity living outside of China are encouraged to join their White colleagues in the perpetuation of this racism (to prove their ‘loyalty’ to the West), apparently oblivious to the fact that they are subject to exactly the same racial intent, discrimination and prejudice. The average Westerner does not discern between Chinese people who are ‘good capitalists’, and ‘bad’ Chinese people who are ‘evil Communists’! When diasporic Chinese say nothing, or worse still openly participate in this anti-China racism, they are engaging in a peculiar form of ‘self-hatred’. Chinese people – capitalist or Communists (and anyone deemed ‘Chinese’) are relentless exposed to a permanent policy of psychological, emotional and physical exclusion from the Western culture from which they are living within. This is why Chinese populations band together for self-defence and ‘look within’ whilst focusing on earning as much money as possible, and ensuring their children do well in education. Having access to money and qualifications are two ways that racism can be combatted and by-passed by a non-White community to a certain degree. A Chinese person can become a doctor, lawyer or accountant within a society that routinely discriminates against them because of their ethnicity. As a way of avoiding White racism, Chinese people marry other Chinese people out of a sense of ‘safety’ and ‘security’. The White racists who have caused this ‘ghettoization’ then accuse their victims of being ‘racists’.  

Anti-Chinese racism exists all the time in the West and does not need a justification to exist, but when apparent justifications are present, the intensity of this hatred quite naturally increases. The outbreak of Covid19 in December, 2019 centred in Wuhan, China, and its subsequent spread across the world in 2020, has led to an entirely ‘new’ intensification of anti-China feelings in the West. So bad has this racism become, with Chinese people excluded from shops and physically attacked every time they are seen in public, that the Government of China has initiated a policy of evacuating its Citizens from all these supposedly ‘civilised’ Western countries. The racism behind these attacks is nothing new as it is the same old nonsense rehashed to fit-in to contemporary circumstances, and suggests the Chinese people are: 

1) Intellectually, psychologically and physically subhuman. 

2) Animalistic, barbaric, cruel and ugly. 

3) Dirty, disease-ridden and illness-infected. 

Knowing that the average Westerner cannot read, write or talk Chinese, Western governments encourage their respective medias to concoct all kinds of racist lies about China, safe in the knowledge that very few possess the language skills to engage with Chinese culture and verify the truth of any of these claims. This is how Western racism as a complete falsification of Chinese culture and reality is developed, perpetuated and maintained in the West. It is a mocking false reality that the Westerns engage in (as if in a drunken orgy), and the Chinese people ‘ignore’ out of self-defence. This Chinese cultural response to ignorance allows the US government to fabricate its continuous lies without end and remain mostly unchallenged in a direct manner. Yes, the Chinese government spends more of its time countering these US lies, but the Western media further misuses these announcements to misrepresent Chinese thought and Chinese policy. 

Having read the leading Western and Chinese scientific research about COVID19, scientists East and West both agree that there is ‘no evidence’ linking this illness to bats, pangolins or sea food in the Wuhan area. The DNA-RNA does not match these creatures. Although there are some peculiarities about the disease which are suspicious (tentatively suggesting fabrication), the broader chemical background usually associated with a man-made virus is either ‘missing’, or very well ‘hidden’ within its construction. Therefore, scientific evidence both inside and outside of China suggests COVID19 DID NOT start in China – at least on current evidence (which can change). The distribution of COVID19 actually suggests it started in Italy and spread eastward and westward from this epicentre. If correct, these facts will be played-down in the Western media as its racist view of China is continued unaffected by these facts. It seems that China has been the victim of a Western disease and yet these great people still reach out to a world that teaches its children to hate people because of the colour of their skin.  

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