Interfacing Religion with Scientific Socialism

Whether Marxist-Leninists like it or not, much of the psychology of the world is taken up with an almost fanatical adherence to – or rejection of – religion. Simply disagreeing with the existence of religion does nothing to alter this fact. Religion will not disappear through legislation. What, then, is to be done? Common ground must be sought through which the ideology of Marxist-Leninism and the theology and philosophy of religion can interact, co-operate and negotiate. I see no real problem for an inward-looking religion when Marxist-Leninists (I.e. ‘Scientific Socialists’) state that religions will not have direct access to State Power. Why would this concern a religion that fundamentally rejects the external world as an illusion, or as an affront to god? The answer is that it should not. However, if a religion has become particularly corrupt, and has demonstrated a history of interfering in worldly politics, and has manoeuvred its leading priest into politically powerful posts, then obviously the idea of all temporal power being withdrawn will be perceived as an oppressive act – even though the religion concerned is contradicting its own theology by acquiring and exercising said political influence in the outer world. In this sense, by placing the religion back into its theologically defined orientation of ‘looking within’ – Marxist-Leninists have assisted in the ‘purification’ of that once wayward religion, is this not the case? Of course, although every private citizen is guaranteed the right to follow a religion (or not), those religions that lose a substantial political influence in the world often resort to accusing Marxist-Leninism of being ‘totalitarian’, or ‘dictatorial’, even though all that has happened is that the hypocritical amassing of external political power has come to an end. This has to happen as a process, as society under Marxist-Leninism is built through the logical application of material science and not idealistic theology. In a very real sense, both Scientific Socialism and religion ‘rejects’ the external world as it exists, as its current state is viewed as ‘corrupt’. This being the case, we must request that the followers of the various religions ‘assist us’ in transforming this ‘corrupt’ outer world, so that humanity is up-lifted as a consequence. With a transformed and purified external world, surely existence will be more conducive (and not less) for the practice of religion whilst a secular Government goes about building Socialism? The thorny idea that religion will naturally ‘die away’ overtime as outer society is transformed (and becomes like a ‘heaven on earth’) need not concern the religiously minded. This is not an attack on religion, just as the historical observation that religions change over-time is a fact and not an attack on the religions concerned. The point is that Marxist-Leninists (and the adherents of religions) share the common ground of working to make the world better for everyone concerned who lives within it. Religious, virtually in complete agreement in essence, all reject the external world and formulate all kinds of derogatory theories aimed against secular (or ‘different’) governments, regimes and even other belief systems! Secular governments, by contrast, pay no attention to these theories, but instead practice the principles of freedom of thought and freedom of expression regardless of the nature of the content that is to be ‘tolerated’. Having derogatory viewpoints about one another’s system of expression should not be grounds for these different systems not meaningfully communicating. With all this being the case, we should work together to reject the greed, hatred and delusion of the outer world, and transform material existence! As religious practice is guaranteed, the religions have nothing to lose and everything to gain!  

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