China: Protect Cats & Dogs – Pet Owning Families are Immune from SARS! (16.2.2020)

(Translated byAdrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: China strictly follows and enacts International Law with regards to Animal Welfare. Many Western countries, by way of contrast, pay lip-service to International Law, but find ways around actually enacting the statutes. As well as this level of protection, China also has its own strict sovereign laws regarding Animal Welfare in a country where many people are voluntarily ‘vegetarian’ due to Buddhist and Daoist attitudes opposing all kinds of animal cruelty (and the consumption of meat – which is viewed as ‘unhealthy’). Even Chinese Muslims do not eat pork (which is viewed as ‘dirty’), etc. As with many countries the world over, when ordinary people in China (prior to 1949) had very little to eat, any type of animal was subjected to being eaten, but as China develops and becomes richer, eating certain types of meat has fallen very much into a minority pursuit and will eventually die away. In the following text – which I acquired from the Chinese language Wechat account of Daoist Master Zhao Ming Wang of Beijing – the Chinese Government has called for cats and dogs to be ‘protected’, with a scientific reason given as the basis. ACW (16.2.2020)

Good news!         

It has now been proven that those families living in Wuhan and who own cats and dogs – have not caught the corona virus!  The respiratory scientist – Zhong Nanshan (钟南山) – has confirmed that there has been no cases of infection in cats and dogs in Wuhan so far. This is because cats and dogs have strengthened their [corona virus] antibodies during their interaction with humans who are either ‘immune’ or very unlikely to contract this disease. Therefore, it is certain that families which own cats and dogs will not be infected. In other words, families who routinely interact with cats and dogs are the strongest intoxicants against this plague!

WHO official reply!!! Cats and dogs lack the ace2 enzyme, and the strain s-protein cannot bind, so cats and dogs will not become poisonous host organisms for the new corona virus! Be sure to spread the right facts to the masses! Protect cats and dogs! Do not let cats and dogs be brutally harmed, killed or abandoned because of false statements! Move forward with strenngth and hope!

Original Chinese Language Text:



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