Confronting Modern Germans who ‘Eulogise’ the Nazi-Era!

Gas Cannisters

The history of the UK is deeply enmeshed with Socialism and ant-fascism. Many British people are proud of this past, despite the fact that the British media tends to ignore this rich history, and instead portray a rightwing alternative (which relies upon ‘lying’ to approach anything like a coherent narrative). There is no denying that since the Restoration of Charles II there has been a strong rightwing (and bigoted) trend within British culture, but this remains the preference of the middle-class (and its working-class lackeys). British Socialism, by way of contrast, is exclusively the possession of the working-class – that is the vast majority of the ordinary British public. As such, WWII features highly in this narrative of a proud British resistance to fascism. The British working-class – as a class – resisted fascism – whilst the far less numerous middle and upper-classes have openly courted the rightwing and the far-right. Through the EU – which is nothing but a US project in eradicating ALL Socialism from Europe – there has been a trend in Europe toward the loss of European identity and the importing of American consumerism.  

Soviet Medical Aid Administered to Holocaust Survivors

Both my paternal and maternal grandfathers fought in the British Military during WWII – and despite being on the frontline – both survived. One landed as a glider-troop in France on D-Day, whilst the other fought in the British Navy in the North Atlantic (assisting the Soviet Arctic Convoys). I know that my grandfathers survived due to the immense efforts and the terrible losses experienced by the Soviet Red Army!  British Forces still had to fight terribly hard to win their victories (which were not easy), but if the Red Army had not inflicted the material damage it did against Hitler’s Armies in the East – then the British Military Forces would have lost far more casualties than were actually suffered. Furthermore, the Communist-led Resistance in France, to a certain degree, combatted those French people who fought for the Nazi Germans! Again, the Communist Cause relieved some of the pressure on my respective grandfathers. As both my grandfathers were ‘Socialists’, I will not tolerate any ‘fake history’ that demonises the USSR or the Communist Cause! 

Human-Beings Reduced to ‘Commodities’…

On occasion I encounter ‘modern’ Germans – usually with shaved heads – who align themselves with the US policy of the re-Nazification of Eastern Europe, and think it is acceptable to interpret Nazi German history in an ‘admiring’ or ‘positive’ light! Confused and manipulated Eastern Europeans are one thing, but the descendants of those who committed mass murder in the name of Adolf Hitler – and who ‘eulogise’ neo-Nazism – are quite another! I will not tolerate this kind of ignorance and implicit support for fascism disguised as ‘rational academia’. Joseph Stalin was an ‘elected’ leader of the USSR who did nothing wrong. This is an academic fact and not just an opinion. The Red Army fought bravely and magnificently from day one of the ‘Great Patriotic War’ (1941-1945) – to such an extent that many Nazi Germans felt that despite local victories – the tide of war was definitely not with the Hitlerites (as subsequent events would prove). US anti-intellectualism has created a ‘false narrative’ that depicts the history of the USSR in a completely false light. These highly negative narratives are nothing but fairy tales designed to mislead and brainwash the general public. Quite often, what holds all this anti-Soviet nonsense together is Trotskyism, but it is ahistorical and has no basis in genuinely recorded facts.  

Red rmy Soldiers Carries Two Jewish Children…

I consider it a duty and an honour to confront modern Germans who yet again have a spring in their step, and who think they can ‘dictate’ to the rest of us how to view the terrible history that their country is responsible for causing. Yet again US foreign policy has ‘infected’ Europe with its malicious presence, deliberately creating the conditions for fascism to rise again! I know that many ordinary German workers agree with my assessment and assist in the battle against fascism in Germany. We must stay forever vigilant, organise the workers and always work toward a very real Revolution!  

A Band Played During the ‘Gassing’…

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