How Selfishness Spread SARS to Tibet! (30.1.2020)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Forwarded by Chen Gong (陈功)

In a case that has attracted much criticism lately, the Chinese media has revealed that a Hubei man selfishly decided to ‘ignore’ the ‘ban’ on travel and the medical quarantine of the area, and travelled at night to Tibet! His stupid actions not only infected people on two trains, but it has been confirmed that this individual has now spread SARS to the Tibetan population! Prior to this, the Tibetan area was considered ‘pure’ and was free of many illnesses associated with the more populated regions!

On January 30th, the Lhasa City Authorities also acted quickly to contain and control the situation, announcing the urgent search for passengers riding on the same trains as the infected man concerned. The briefing showed more details: Zhang Moumou (张某某) set off from Wuhan Wuchang Railway Station at 23 o’clock on the night of January 22nd, and arrived in Xining, Qinghai on the evening of the January 23rd, and transferred to a car. As early as January 20nd, the epidemic situation had completely erupted. By January 22nd, all the news media and all people on the Internet were discussing the epidemic situation. On January 23rd, Wuhan was closed! In the era when smartphones are so popular, the people of the country were discussing the Hubei epidemic. Is this 34-year-old man completely unaware of all this information? ? ? What is known is that he arrived in Lhasa on the afternoon of the 24th, and immediately took the initiative to go to a designated medical institution in Lhasa, to be hospitalized and receive treatment in isolation! On the morning of January 29th, due to the emergence of this case, Tibet was forced to announce a major public health emergency – level Ⅰ response! !! !!  As this epidemic is an enemy of the people, the Tibetan Authorities are taking every possible action to ensure the safety of the general public – despite the selfishness of one person from Hubei! Tibet will win this battle and the illness will be defeated!

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