How the Concept of ‘Gayness’ is Being Developed in Mainland China (2019)

Chinese ‘Gay’ Citizens Getting Married in the US!

Gayness is not ‘new’ to China and is not a Western ‘disease’ imported into a culture that had no idea of ‘same-sex’ love and interaction before the Europeans arrived (although it is true that Western expressions were often highly oppressive and corrupt). Since the inception of Chinese culture (around 5000 BCE), love and affection between people of the same gender has been present. Men with men and women with women (this analysis includes transgender impulses). Admittedly, the manner in which this has been perceived and rationalised within the matrix of Chinese culture has not been identical with how the same process has developed in the West (with Western culture being far behind the development of China until the 16th century). However, despite the obvious cultural differences, ‘hiding’ and ‘obscuring’ elements of the psychological and physiological process of ‘making love’ – or ‘flirting’ – is common to both cultures. Within China, ‘hiding’ the outer appearances of gay relationships is the cultural norm and not a sinister policy of the Communist Party of China (CPC). Indeed, I am a gay-friendly (heterosexual) male who has attracted (on occasion), attention from Chinese men who would otherwise be considered ‘straight’, as like me they are married (to a woman)! As a man, I cannot speak for Chinese women (as they can speak for themselves), but gay relationships are not unknown. 

In a recent discussion I was engaged in with members of the CPC (via the net), it was explained that gay relations will now be entering a new phase of openness and normalisation throughout the entirety of Chinese society. The basis of the Socialist System will remain the collectivised family (rather than the bourgeois individual), but as time unfolds, what constitutes a ‘family’ will undergo modification.  This will be a slow process premised upon science and education – that is Marxist-Leninist dialectics developed in this direction. Gayness exists not only within Chinese culture, but throughout the cultures of the world and the denial of the validity of gayness by various ideologies will not change this fact. As a consequence, gayness exists throughout the working-class and is not merely (or ‘just’) an aspect of bourgeois decadence (although it can and has been used this way throughout history). Like any expression of human love and desire, there are sublime and perverse expressions of gayness. Obviously, the CPC advises, for the good of the masses, that the people exercise moral restraint for the betterment and development of the entirety of society. All people – gay or straight – must protect one another and at all costs preserve the innocence and safety of children and youths. As girls have been the victims of the most appalling (male) abuse in Old China, they must be protected at all costs. Never again will their feet be bound, nor will they be married at 12 years old (and sexually shared by male relatives of their husbands). This is why, although there is no ‘Age of Consent’ as such, sexual relations with a girl under 14 years of age attracts the Death Penalty.  

Gay culture in China will not develop along the lines of bourgeois (capitalist-friendly) pressure groups that exist in the West, and which operate behind the guise of ‘Gay Rights’ whilst pursuing a pro-capitalist and anti-Socialist agenda. This type of gay activism is right-wing and ultimately opposed to the working-class taking power. These groups routinely broadcast ‘lies’ about China and view the development of Gay Rights in China with the development of US-style prefatory capitalism. This will not happen and neither will it be tolerated! Gay people supporting capitalism are not ‘freedom fighters’ but reactionaries working against the working-class taking power. Being ‘gay’ does not privilege an individual or group – what matters is the direction of political ideology and true motive of any protest. It is the capitalist system which has unleashed the most brutal forms of fascism upon the world which has killed millions of gay people around the world! It was Soviet Red Army soldiers that freed gay people from the Nazi German Death Camps. Being a Marxist-Leninist is far more important than sexual (or gender) orientation, but these things must be accommodated and rationalised within a Socialist Society.  


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