Xinjiang: How the West Continuously ‘Lies’ About China! (2018)

(Translation & Research by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The Communist Party of China (CPC) reiterates that Islam has been in China for over a thousand years and that Muslims have continuously been good and loyal citizens. Muslim people live in a number of places in China and are of Turkic and Arab ethnic origination. Most Chinese-Muslims live peaceful and productive lives, with their faith community ‘protected’ under Chinese (Socialist) Law. Muslims are good Socialists and are compassionate toward non-Muslims. Islam, when followed correctly, is a very ’Communistic’ religion. The CPC, therefore, does not and has never targeted ‘Islam’ when dealing with reactionary (fascistic) movements that have penetrated China from the West or Middle East (or ‘both’). Led by the US, the Western media continuously ‘lies’ about China, printing fabricated stories in English with no reference to any legitimate Chinese-language source texts. The British ‘The Economist’ newspaper, for instance, printed the outrageous ‘lie’ of Nazi German-style Concentration Camps operating in Xinjiang! This has led to a pseudo-Muslim movement in the West (with European netizens assuming Islamic names and ‘pretending’ to be outraged Muslims), and posting all kinds of vile untruths. It is not genuine Islam that is the enemy of China, but rather US capitalism and its reactionary ideas and concepts, which includes the American fabrication of Islamo-fascism.  

The above rumor was posted on December 31st, 2018 – apparently by a woman named Rabia Azhar – on Twitter which is a bourgeois overseas social media platform. Roughly speaking, this rumour stated that a Muslim in Xinjiang, China (original: East Turkestan) was ‘beaten hard by police’ ‘Just because this Muslim is’ copying the Qur’an ‘and asking people to repost her post to’ expose ‘China’s terrorist actions against Muslims.’ This is the video under discussion, with its real identity explained by Chinese diplomat Lijian Zhao:

Chinese Language Reference:

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