Xinjiang: Islamo-Fascist ‘Terrorist Government’ Established in USA (2004)!

US-Backed ETIM ‘Government’ of Criminals

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

According to Hong Kong’s “Wen Wei Po” and Turkish National Television (TRT2) – it was reported on September 16th, (at 4pm Washington time) on September 14th – that a small group of ‘Eastern Turkistan’ Islamo-terrorist elements congregated in the US Capital, (and with the knowledge and consent of the US Government), announced the establishment of a so-called ‘Eastern Turkistan Government in Exile’. Ahmed Egenberger named himself President and appointed Aiwar Yusuf Turani as Prime Minister. This was a bizarre farce which saw a small number of participants staging a propaganda exercise.

Terrorist ‘Prime Minister’ is Infamous

According to reports, Egenbeldi is the Chairman of Australia’s Eastern Turkistan Association. Compared to him, Anivar Yusuf of American origin seems to be more infamous. These (and related) individuals can be found associated with the first generations of ‘Eastern Turkistan Terrorist Organizations and Terrorist Lists’ released by the Ministry of Public Security in China.

On the 12th of December 2003, the Ministry of Public Security of China identified four ‘Eastern Turkistan’ terrorist organizations, namely ‘Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement’, ‘Eastern Turkistan Liberation Organization’, ‘World Uyghur Youth Congress’, and ‘Eastern Turkistan News and Information Centre’.. Among them is the ‘Eastern Turkistan Liberation Organization’ – also known as the ‘Eastern Turkistan National Party’ – was established in Turkey in 1996, and is one of the most violent terrorist organizations among the ‘Eastern Turkistan” forces. Anivar Yusuf is the head of the US branch of the organization and concurrently the Chairman of the ‘Eastern Turkistan National Freedom Centre’.

Turkey is one of the core areas of Islamo-fascist terrorist activities, as carried-out by ‘Eastern Turkistan’ elements. Turkish State TV and the right-wing tabloid ‘Middle East Daily’ both triumphantly reported the news of the (illegal) formation of the ‘Government in Exile’. The Middle East Daily also reported in detail on the composition of this ‘Government in Exile’, stating that ‘Abduvir Jiang was elected Vice President, with writer Hezelbek Gaytura also elected as Deputy Prime Minister, and Reporter Ismail Yildzzi Elected Minister of Tourism. The last two are Turkish citizens.’

Western media question the legal validity of the ‘Government in Exile’.

The so-called ‘Government in Exile’ was established in the United States, but received almost no major media support in the West, not even from those that have always held anti-China stances, who largely ignored this event. Only the racist and far-rightwing ‘Voice of America’ Uyghur broadcasts reported the development.

According to the Far East Economic Review, there are currently about 1,000 ‘Eastern Turkistan’ elements routinely operating in the United States, including nearly 300 in the Washington area alone. It stated ‘But at the press conference announcing the establishment of the Eastern Turkistan Government in Exile, only two Reporters were present, with the mainstream exiled Uighur community distancing itself from this.’

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) website published an interview on the 17th of September with a spokesperson from the World Uyghur Youth Congress based in Germany – Dirichati. Dirichati stated that ‘We most likely will not recognize this Government in Exile.’

Dirichati said: “First of all, we will not oppose anything that helps advance the interests of the Uighurs, but we question the representativeness of this so-called Government in Exile.’ He asked a few questions: On the day the ‘Eastern Turkistan Government in Exile’ was established, mainstream media in the West ignored it; the largest Uyghur organization in the United States – the ‘US Uyghur Federation’ – where the ‘Eastern Turkistan Government in Exile’ was established, refused to recognize it, and did not send anyone to the inaugural meeting. Furthermore, a recognized leader of overseas Uighurs – Elken Aliticen – also did not attend the inaugural meeting.’

The BBC commented that the representativeness of the ‘Eastern Turkistan Government in Exile’ has not yet been recognized by major Uighur organizations in exile, and it is even further away from the recognition of the US Government.

Various ‘Eastern Turkistan’ organizations fight with one another.

In the past two years, the ‘Eastern Turkistan’ forces have been attempting to unite more than 50 ‘Eastern Turkistan’ groups scattered around the world to form a worldwide ‘Eastern Turkistan’ organization to (illegally) confront the Chinese Mainland Government. The ‘Eastern Turkistan’ issue is internationalized. The ‘Eastern Turkistan’ forces frequently held open or closed international conferences abroad, and the establishment of the “Exile Government” is an expression of this intention.

In fact, the establishment of the so-called ‘Government in Exile’ in this instance, is not even a phased ‘success’. Even in the ‘Eastern Turkistan’ movement, this matter did not attract more attention.

Abdujeli Karakashi is the Chairman of the Eastern Turkistan Information Centre, which was established in Munich, Germany in 1996 – and has long used the Internet for terrorist and separatist propaganda (this person is a wanted terrorist from the Chinese Ministry of Public Security). On the organization’s website a message was posted stating ‘Congratulations’ to the so-called ‘Government in Exile.’ But this is a far cry from the ‘widespread response’ envisaged by the ‘Government in Exile.’

In fact, for a long time, the ‘Eastern Turkistan’ forces outside China have not stopped fighting for a moment. When the so-called ‘Eastern Turkistan’ ‘Government in Exile’ was still a dream, these over-ambitious terrorists had been arguing over who would hold the throne of ‘Prime Minister’ and ‘President’ after ‘Independence.’ This time, the attitude of most ‘Eastern Turkistan’ gangs is to ignore this so-called ‘Government in Exile’, as the power struggle for dominance within these competing Islamo-fascist groups is ongoing and has not yet been resolved.

‘Eastern Turkistan’ is a lap-dog of the Western imperialism.

In the so-called ‘Statement of the Prime Minister of the Eastern Turkistan Government’ issued by Aniwar Yusuf on September 14th, the entire article was full of courtship and pity for the United States: ‘… the millions of Eastern Turkestanians know and love the United States … We ask the United States for help, we ask the United States to explain to Beijing that the United States cares about the Human Rights of Eastern Turkestanians. We ask the United States to put pressure on the United Nations to let the United Nations talk directly to the leaders of Eastern Turkestan …’

In the process of the ‘internationalization’ of the ‘Eastern Turkestan’ movement since the 1990s, international anti-China forces have played a major role in fueling the flames. Even former US Presidents Clinton and former Vice President Gore (and other dignitaries) have secretly met with ‘Eastern Turkistan’ terrorist elements at various times. Clinton even met in public with the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the ‘Eastern Turkistan National Congress’ – Anivar. The US Congress also held a special hearing on Xinjiang. Some forces in Central and Western Asia also explicitly (or implicitly) support ‘Eastern Turkistan’. The Turkish Government made ‘three promises’ to China while acquiescing to a Islamo-fascist (terrorist) ‘Eastern Turkistan’ organizations to operate in its territory.

After the Al Qaeda ‘September 11th’ terror attacks in New York, Western countries have changed their attitude towards ‘Eastern Turkistan’. In April this year, the US State Department officially again listed the ‘Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement'(ETIM) as an international terrorist organization and barred any US Government or private agency from providing it with any form of support. However, this does not mean that the international anti-China forces have gone on strike. In fact, the establishment of the terrorist ETIM ‘Government in Exile’ in the United States itself, exemplifies the routine double-standards operated by America, and how the US covertly supports Islamo-terrorism as long as it operates within China, whilst being fought and contained in the rest of the world.

[Author] He Fang (何方) – Special Correspondent Reporter

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