Why Socialist Space Exploration is Important for Humanity!

he above photographs feature Apollo 11 US Astronauts Buzz Aldrin (left), Neil Armstrong (right) and the special TV camera left on the Moon in July, 1969. These two men faced tremendous uncertainty when they embarked upon their mission of landing on the Moon, and whilst engaged in this activity, their bravery appeared to unite humanity. This is a prime example of what a very rich capitalist society can achieve when a left-leaning President Kennedy gives the order to put a man on the Moon by the end of the decade (i.e. the 1960s). In many ways this is a misuse of the predatory capitalist system which does not even bother to ensure its populace is fed, housed or medically cared for! Diverting profits away from the ruling elite is not a popular move in any capitalist society – as it is considered tantamount to funding the unprofitable and the unworthy. As going to the Moon was an experiment with no obvious monetary profit – it was – from the capitalist view, a complete waste of time and resources that could have been better spent oppressing the working masses and extracting an ever-greater profit from them. This why the US soon stopped this type of endeavour, and today focuses on small unmanned probes to distant stars.  

The USSR, having eradicated exploitative capitalism, developed a proletariat science from the ground up. Although there were professional scientists formally trained to develop ideas, design experiments and build working prototypes, Lenin told everyone, no matter who they were, to use their imaginations whilst sat in their kitchens and write down their ideas. This led to a tremendous transformation of a backward, feudal Russia which in short-time became a ‘Socialist’ threat to the capitalist West in as much as there was an alternative model for structuring humanity that appeared to be superior in everyway. The Soviet scientific transformation was the product of the human mind freed from the usual constraints imposed upon it by the capitalist system. Instead of science being in the hands of the middle and upper classes in the USSR, it was taken over by the working class and directed toward evolving humanity as a collective, rather than as a just another method of enriching the social elite. Today, the USSR is no more, but Communist China is now ascending in the world with its Socialist science and leaving the US behind! China wants to send Cosmonauts to the Moon, and probably a female Cosmonaut to Mars! China is now the main representative of Socialist science in the world and must be supported! 

In the meantime, consider these facts; both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were two White, middle class Americans who were careerists in the US military. Both were ardent anti-Socialists who had fought in the US War of Aggression in Korea (1950-1953). Neil Armstrong flew 78 combat missions, whilst Buzz Aldrin flew 66 combat missions. How many Chinese Korean or Soviet people did each of these men kill in this US anti-Socialist war? Why were these two individuals thought ‘typical’ examples of the human race, and suitable human representatives outside this planet? Of course, they were considered suitable because they are White, male, and warmongering capitalists!  Finally, the special camera used to film the Apollo II mission from the surface of the Moon (where it still resides), contained a ‘secret’ component’ developed to see in the darkness of the Vietnam jungles. This camera technology was used by the US forces in Vietnam to kill untold numbers of Vietnamese people whilst in pursuit of US neo-imperialist war aims. When we let the capitalists ‘win’, it is the warmongers and the pathologically greedy that are projected out into space to potentially make first contact with any alien species. Socialists should be aware of this when assessing NASAs achievements and ongoing exploration of space. 

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