Hong Kong is an Integral Part of Mainland China (July 1st, 2019)


Author’s Note: This is a moral boosting compendium of the posts I made on Facebook recently, in response to the current wave of anti-China propaganda concerning a small but vocal protest in Hong Kong. There is no doubt that Facebook – as a branch of US Foreig Policy – is the enemy of the people, but as a social media platform I can potentially influence and educate the masses (unless FB ‘bans’ me, which it has done on two occasions). This pro-Western protest is financed by the US Governmet and is intended to bring-down the rule of the Communist Party of China and re-submit China to the brutality of capitalist rule. This simply cannot be allowed to work and we must confront it with logic and reason! As I have said on numerous occasions, I love the people with an expansive heart and this is why I will fight for ‘our’ rights! ACW (2.7.2019)

Today (July 1st), Chinese people are celebrating the end of British colonialism and ruthless imperialism in Hong Kong – which was finally extinguished in 1997! Under the leadership of the rightwing Donald Trump, the UK and EU are colluding to bringdown China’s Socialist System (through false propaganda), and re-submit the Chinese people yet again to the brutal oppression of Western-controlled predatory capitalism. The Communist Party of China will not allow this – and neither will the Chinese people! Those Chinese who choose to take the side of Western imperialism are nothing but traitors taking advantage of the civility of modern Chinese society.


The US is trying to use the democratic process to infiltrate pro-Western candidates into Hong Kong Chinese Elections. Bear in mind that whilst under British domination, no Chinese person was allowed to ‘vote’ due to their race, with voting only becoming an issue near to the time Britain gave the Colony-Protectorate back to China in 1997. Socialist democracy is far more inclusive and grants ordinary people a greater say, and this is why there are strict rules as to who can stand as a Candidate in Hong Kong Elections.

‘Any Hong Kong Permanent Resident possesing Chinese Nationality – but does not simultaneously hold ‘Foreign Residency’ elsewhere – can stand for Election in Hong Kong. Such a suitable person must be at least 40 years of age and lived in Hong Kong for at least 20 continuous years.’


What every Hong Kong Citizen has by right of birth or residency today! This ability to self-rule and be ‘free’ of the brutality of Western (and foreign) imperialist presence cost the lives of millions of Chinese people (and others) and to see a small minority of ethnic Chinese traitors waiving US, UK and EU flags in Hong Kong is a disgrace to the memory of those who gave their lives to be ‘free’!

#hongkong #prc #freehongkong

On July 1, 1997, over a hundred years of British imperialism came to an end through a handover ceremony in Hong Kong, which saw the Red Flag of Mainland Chinese raised above the island community!



1. Any Hong Kong resident of Chinese descent who is born in Chinese territory (including Hong Kong) and other persons who have Chinese nationality in accordance with the Nationality Law of the People’s Republic of China are Chinese citizens.

一. 凡具有中国血统的香港居民,本人出生在中国领土(含香港)者,以及其他符合《中华人民共和国国籍法》规定的具有中国国籍的条件者,都是中国公民。


More and more Westerners are giving-up their Passports and becoming Chinese Citizens! As Mainland China does not accept dual nationality (as the US trains US-born Chinese people as agents to infiltrate Chinese society and work toward bringing down Socialism). This story is from 2013 and concerns one ‘Marshall Nicholson’ (known in China as ‘Ling Hanshen’ 凌瀚燊), a US investment banker who very publically announced that he was giving-up his US Citizenship in 2013 to become ‘Chinese’. Within Chinese language sources, however, it is stated that Marshall Nicholson is in fact a ‘Permanent Resident’ of Hong Kong, a status which grants him a type of ‘Chinese Nationality’ with the right to visit Mainland China as if he were an ethnic Chinese person born in Hong Kong. This might be because his wife (and her family) are from Hong Kong, but many Chinese netizens are of the opinion that Marshall Nicholson is not proud to be ‘Chinese’ (as the story suggests in the West), but is in fact pursuing a ‘tax dodge’.



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