The Second International Attempt to Destroy the USSR (22.6.1941)!

Fascist Italian General Giovanni Messe – Blessed by Pope XII (1941)

The United States and UK tried to destroy the fledgling USSR during the Russian Civil (1917-1922), assisted by 12 other ‘Allied’ (or ‘Entente’) countries including Czechoslovakia, India, Canada, Australia, South Africa, France, Japan, China, Greece, Estonia, Serbia, Poland and Romania. Imperial Germany (and her allies) also invaded Revolutionary Russia (in early 1918) leading to the strange situation of British and German troop still killing one another on the battlefield of France, whilst British and German troops fought on the same side in Revolutionary Russia! Many other rightwing and groups opposed to Socialism in Russia joined forces with the imperialist West it what should be referred as the ‘first’ international attempt (by the capitalist world) to destroy Socialism in Russia. This attempt ultimately failed, but witnessed the coming together of all imperialist and fascistic forces in the world. The Soviet Authorities granted independence to certain Eastern European areas that then continued to foster fascistic and intolerant attitudes toward the USSR leading up to WWII. Under Pope Benedict XV (reigned 1914-1922), the Roman Catholic Church opposed Socialism in Russia, with Pope Benedict XV ‘congratulating’ the Polish fascists upon securing their ‘independence’ in October 1918! In fact, behind every attempt to destroy the Soviet Union has been the ogre of the Roman Catholic Church lurking in the shadows, with Pope Pius XI (reigned 1922-1939) fully backing Mussolini and Hitler’s rise to power!

Fascist Romanian Soldiers Praised by their Nazi German Pay-Masters!

With President Barack Obama’s ‘re-Nazification’ of Eastern Europe from 2014 onward, the US-dominated Wikipedia has been busy as a disinformation platform (in English) for countries like Poland, Estonia, Latvia and the Ukraine, for instance, to re-write their respective histories which attempt to portray the vicious Nazi German invasion of their respective homelands as ‘liberation’, and the Soviet ‘Liberation’ of their countries as ‘subjugation’. The US sanctioned position is that the neo-Nazi regimes now in power throughout Eastern Europe owe their legitimacy to the Nazi German invasions of the 1940s era!  Of course, this is ‘ahistorical’ and essentially an ‘inverted’ view of reality very similar to the symptoms suffered during various types of mental illness and derangement, etc. Only a fool would believe these fantastic tales which see the Soviet Red Army portrayed as the Nazi German Army, and the Nazi German Army presented as the Red Army!

Fascist Finnish & Nazi German Troops Cross into the USSR (1941)

The ‘second’ internationalist attempt to destroy the Soviet Union was led by Nazi Germany and included Finland, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia, with the Roman Catholic Church (under Pope Pius XII who reigned 1939-1958) ‘blessing’ this adventure as being ‘god’s work’.  Although it is true that individual Catholic priests (notably in France) refused the Papal Order to assist the Nazi German Holocaust, the Church as a whole pursued this path without question. The implications are clear. The Roman Catholic Church (and its off-shoots) support a) the capitalist system, b) prefer the most totalitarian versions of this system, whilst c) thoroughly ‘rejecting’ any and all types of Socialism. Hitler’s regime was just as spiritual a system as it was a political one. Hitler believed in all kinds of odd things, whilst still pursuing a scientific path. Hitler saw an important ally in the Roman Catholic Church due to its natural anti-Semitism. The Soviet Union finally defeated Hitler’s attempt to destroy it, but only after suffering around 34 million casualties (military and civilian).

Hungarian POWs Captured on their Way to Stalingrad

It is known today that President Roosevelt of the US and Prime Minister Churchill of the UK – whilst publically adopting an attitude of ‘alliance’ with the USSR during WWII – privately discussed behind the scenes the possibility of Nazi Germany defeating the USSR but being so weakened in the process, that Hitler would come to the negotiating table and discuss the possibility of ‘peace’. Churchill, of course, was well-known as an admirer of Adolf Hitler (as were many of his class). It is also known that after WII, Pope Pius XII personally contacted Churchill asking that 10,000 Ukrainian members of the Nazi German SS (that had been committing atrocities in the USSR), be rescued from Soviet justice. Churchill agreed and had all 10,000 re-settled in Scotland (given a house and a job, etc), whilst using the cover story that they were Polish refugees.

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