On Joining the Communist Party – Some Thoughts…


It is probably better to say that the Communist Party joins you. What we must do is not approach this subject from the perspective of the bias and corrupt bourgeoisie as their (lack of) morality is not our (Socialist) morality. Evolution is real and within the sphere of society, the dialectical contradictions existing deep within the core of predatory capitalism ensure that its parameters will naturally change and a new Socialist era will emerge across the planet. If you look carefully, you will see evidence of this all around you. However, although evolution is a natural process, humanity – through its intelligence and labour – has been able to tame these natural processes, re-direct these natural processes, (and in the case of maintaining capitalism), has been successful in preventing the system-wide emergence of Socialism. This has led to the whole-sale psychological and physical manipulation of large swathes of humanity which has seen those subjected to the suffering of the worst excesses of capitalism actually believe this abuse to be good for them, and Socialism (which would end their suffering forever) to be nothing less than the devil incarnate. This is a class issue in the ongoing matter of class war. Those minority of people which control the political, economic and educational establishments are able to generate the conditions from one generation to the next that best benefits their own self-interests. It is no wonder that workers brought up in this intense system of propaganda often get swept along in the tide of anti-Communism, and have no dialectical ability to think for themselves. The situation is like a man who is injured or sick, being brainwashed to reject a) the doctor, and b) any and all treatments that would heal or cure him! It is a very effective form of negative indoctrination which emphasizes ‘self-hate’ as the only way for the working-class to view its own plight and aspirations. This is the bourgeois quagmire that a Communist a) clearly observes, b) clearly understands, and c) firmly rejects. This is how true working-class education begins. Long before founding or joining any preexisting Communist Groups, a worker starts his or her activism. There is no set agenda for this activity whilst existing within a capitalist society, as capitalism breeds multitudinous circumstances for injustice and suffering to prevail. An individual must find a new kind of empowerment ‘here and now’ that has nothing to do with the bourgeois notion of individualistic ‘validation’. Working to counter the greed, hatred and ignorance that lies at the core of predatory capitalism is the essence of being a collectively-minded and compassionate human-being who is evolving out of predatory capitalism and into the new stage of Socialism! The ‘Communist Party’ (which is a world-wide organization) is nothing less than a voluntary gathering of collectively-minded and self-empowered individuals who possess class consciousness and who are prepared to assist the working-class in its Revolutionary reorganizational activates at every level of society (just as much in the workplace as on the battlefield, etc.). You are a Communist before you join any manifestation of the Communist Party, and if you are not a Communist before you join, simply registering does not make an individual a Communist. Read Marx, read Lenin or whoever inspires you – then help others as a means to help yourself – this is what a Communist is.  Leaving a ‘Communist Party’ does not turn the evolutionary clock back – you are what you dialectically are. Due to the disconnect between individuals and political groupings claiming to represent the working-class, we must develop crystal clear thinking to see through ALL bourgeois lies and how these lies manifest in the Movements of the left. Do not be afraid – a class traitor is a class traitor and we must ideologically purify our ranks if we are to move swiftly toward Revolution!  

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