Exposing the ‘Fake’ China Development Brief!


FAKE: China Development Brief (English)

FAKE: China Development Brief (Chinese)


FAKE: LGBT Beijing Center

Essentially, this is a computer ‘scam’ making fools of us all by spreading very poorly hidden Eurocentric and pro-capitalist anti-China rhetoric across the internet. Its operation is probably either from the US, Taiwan or both, and if it has had any legitimate contact with Chinese academia, Chinese business or the Chinese Government, its remit has been very narrow. However, as it is creating ‘fake’ Chinese language websites designed to give false impressions in the West, it is obvious that this organisation is not much different to the ‘Pro-Tibetan Movement’ or the ‘Falun Gong Cult’ – all manifestations of US anti-Communist attitudes. Its racism is obvious if you happen to be ‘Chinese’. Its website publishes articles in what is claimed to be English translations of Chinese source articles – but upon checking no such articles exist on the Mainland Chinese internet (Baidu). What is in fact happening is that when their US paymasters decree that a certain idea or assertion be produced in English, the finished article is then fed through google translate and then uploaded onto a fake Chinese language website that does not exist within Mainland China, and which can only be easily accessed by English speaking Westerners. Although giving the false impression that Chinese people a) founded this platform b) continue to run this platform, and c) the Chinese Government both ‘know about’ and ‘agree’ to its content, the following is in fact the case (quoted from the relevant link above): 

‘The China Development Brief, established in 1996 by Nick Young, is a non-profit publication devoted to facilitating communication among international organizations, especially the NGOs that finance or implement development programs in China. It actively shares its information with Chinese government institutions and non-profit organizations in an effort to accelerate the formation of a more independent communication atmosphere in China, and to encourage analysis and discussions on significant development issues. 

Main Partners 


Ford Foundation
Indian Action Aid Foundation
Kadoorie Charitable Foundation
Partnerships for Community Development, Hong Kong
Rockfeller Brothers Foundation
Save the Children Foundation
Trace Foundation
Woodrow Wilson International Center China Environment Forum’ 


These are mostly renowned for their intolerant and rightwing perspective with regard to political and social development, the tone of their disinformation is that there is something ‘wrong’ happening in China – and their presence is the antidote to it! Although it is the ‘division of labour’ within capitalism which is the root of all bourgeois discrimination, China Development Brief is trying to use a distorted notion of Gay Rights (a similar campaign was tried in the USSR) to bring down the Communist System by accusing it of intolerance, when in fact ALL Chinese Citizens are granted exactly the same rights and freedoms without discrimination. This type of racist parody (pursued as ‘policy’ by the US) must be exposed and disarmed. It is stupid and of no developmental worth! 

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