Bay Care Comes A Calling – Karena Roper Has the Audacity to Ask for an Apology! (9.6.2019)

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Bay Care ‘Care’ Worker  Caught Abusing My Mother!  (2018)

I always like to keep up to date with the antics of the now dishevelled ‘Bay Care’ headquartered in Paignton. This is one of those private firms breaking law by charging the elderly, disabled and vulnerable for care services already paid for through collective taxation. They use the NHS logo but are not limited to the rules and regulations that govern the NHS. Since 2010 the Tory (and LibDems) Government(s) gave the ‘green light’ for this kind of law-breaking to go ahead to line the pockets of dispicable individuals who ‘purchase’ these contracts and attempt to make a profit out of the suffering of others. Before these individuals are brought to justice, we need a change of national government. First things first. Today, I received an ‘unsolicited’ Personal Message through my Facebook account from one ‘Karena Roper’ which reads:  

‘Dear Sir I have recently looked on Google and am horrified to see the comments where I have been named as the operations director of a care company in Paignton. I resigned from the company in December 2017. I would therefore appreciate the removal of the inaccurate information relevant to my name and a subsequent apology. Companies House provides all relevant information off applicable managers and directors responsible for the company on the date the article was written. Thanks’ 

The problem with this, is that Bay Care still retain online data stating that this person is their ‘operations director’ – yet another example of the unprofessional attitude of Bay Care. Obviously, I have no interest in assisting this individual as Bay Care has been a terrible business for years – abusing its ‘clients’ in various ways. Karena Roper should apologise for her participation in the process of privatising the NHS and the suffering Bay Care inflicted on those under its care during her apparent tenure! She might also like to apologise for her part in the deaths of 120,000 people in the UK between 2010-2016 due to Tory-LibDems ‘Austerity’ (with the sudden cutting of Welfare and free medical services) as confirmed by a UN investigation which found the UK Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity in 2016! Of course, the DWP, Social Services and businesses like Bay Care (under or not under the management of Karena Roper) all share responsibility for one of the greatest crimes perpetuated upon UK citizens by its own national governments!  

Our Lovely Honey – Killed by Bay Care

The above picture is of Ann-Marie Lambert who (amongst other things) ill-treated the family dogs – causing them to ‘fight’ whilst my mother was asleep (due to her illness). This led to ‘Honey’ being seriously injured with this woman taking the dog to the local Vets to be ‘put down’ (as if we wouldn’t notice). I was told of this madness by my distraught mother via the telephone!  Do not trust this corrupt firm, its employees rob and abuse those under its care – including pets! 


This woman (Lauren) punched and kicked Charlotte – my disabled sister – because she could not get out of a car quick enough! Torquay Police state that as Charlotte cannot talk, she cannot ‘confirm’ a crime took place – whilst Torbay Social Services continue to grant Bay Care access to the homes of the vulnerable! Bay Care is a criminal outfit that must be stopped! Bay Care represents locally the consequences of national Tory-LibDems policy since 2010!


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