China Mobile Tibet Sets-Up 3G Base! (2015)

Chine Mobile Sets-Up 3G Base in Earthquate Resettlement Zone

Original Article: 中国移动西藏公司在震区安置点率先新建开通3G基站

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

At 23:35 on the evening of May 1st (2015), China Mobile Tibet Company took the lead in opening the first mobile communication base station in the Shigatse earthquake zone resettlement site (in Western Tibet).

As of 18:00 on May 2nd (2015), China Mobile Tibet Company has successively opened three 3G base stations in the Shijiazhuang City and Lahu County earthquake zone resettlement sites. At the same time, combined with the existing network expansion and WLAN room allocation work, it will effectively join two resettlement areas, and facilitate personnel voice calls and mobile Internet access.

China Mobile Tibet has urgently dveloped 970,000 pieces of vital communication base station equipment, speeding up new stations in resettlement sites in various disaster areas, and ensuring communication stability and data-transfer for the affected people. In addition to the base station communication equipment, China Mobile Tibet Company urgently deployed 8 sets of WLAN macro stations and 150 carrier pieces of frequency equipment to speed up indoor coverage and existing network expansion of the two earthquake zone resettlement sites; this has included real-time monitoring of data network congestion (and usage) in Shigatse area, as well as data channel and voice channel usage (in the earthquake zone) which have been switched to meet the needs of users and the function of the internet in the earthquake zones. The number of emergency communication vehicles has been increased to 6, which provide a mobile plan for the “repair and solving communication blindness” within earthquake zones..

While strengthening communication and security work, we will further strengthen market services and classify and categorize users and disaster relief personnel in the earthquake zones by “love station, no-stop, family hotline, 200 yuan phone bill, earthquake zone MMS weather forecast, mobile phone gas station”, etc. The service provides 3G/WLAN/broadband and other networks for nearly 100 journalists in the central media stationed in Tibet and the autonomous region to improve media manuscript.

Editor in charge: Wang Yimin (王淞民)

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