How Trump Inspired the National Socialism of Brenton Tarrant (15.3.2019)


The New Zealand Shooter and his Ideology

The ideologues of the Trump Administration were in melt-down yesterday, when news broke that the loyal branch of US foreign policy – known as Facebook – had broadcast ‘live’ a 17 minute video to millions of viewers (including children) featuring White supremacist (and National Socialist) Brenton Tarrant calmly walk through a New Zealand mosque and murder around 49 innocent men, women and children in Christchurch! Some sources state that the number killed is around 59, with Tarrant described as both ‘Australian’ and ‘British’. Inspired by Trump’s anti-immigrant policies, Tarrant claimed to be standing-up for what he calls the ‘White race’, and to be doing this by attacking non-White people living in New Zealand. His 74-page rambling manifesto, although viewing non-White migrants as an invasion force in the West, nevertheless praises Israel (a country formed by the mass migration of White people into Islamic Palestine), and states that he supports the take-over of Palestine by European Jewish people! Israel has not condemned the attack – but only offered its sympathy to the survivors, after-all, Israeli forces are routinely killing and wounding Palestinians in a similar manner, all the time. Tarrant supports capitalism but is opposed to Black and Asian people becoming rich through capitalist endeavour and then retaining that wealth within their own ethno-centric communities (as if they do not pay taxes to the government). Interestingly, not so long ago, the Green Party of the UK announced a potential political alliance with the far-rightwing and racist United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) – a story covered in the Morning Star. The head of the Green Party at that time was a White Australian migrant into the UK. Following this association of capitalist ecology and fascism, Brenton Tarrant states that Green Nationalism is the only way ahead for the White race! Adolf Hitler stated many times that ‘Socialism’ (as he saw it) was a nationalist ideology that grew-out of German totalitarian tribalism, and that it had nothing to do with the egalitarian theories of Karl Marx (which Hitler interpreted as a distortion). Time and again Hitler condemned Marxism and declared Communism and Scientific Socialism the eternal enemy of his National Socialism. Whereas National Socialism advocates a race-hate filled nationalism (i.e. ‘fascism’), Marxism rejects this and instead teaches the unity of humanity through ‘Internationalism’. Whereas the ignorant and racist British Daily Mail has blamed North Korea for the actions of Brenton Tarrant (continuing its decades-long support for the far-right through deliberately distorting the news and misrepresenting the left), the Trump Administration has attempted to blame Communist China! This is despite the fact that Brenton Tarrant clearly states continuously that he hates Marxism and is in no way supportive of it! This is US anti-intellectualism at work in every aspect of human perception. It is the inversion and reversal of reality and the appealing to base human ignorance. The ideology of Marxist-Leninism (the basis of Maoism), has always rejected the anarchist notion of ‘terrorism’ as being non-productive to the welfare of the working class (as it invariably hurts the innocent and punishes the blameless). The Trump Administration wants to hurt, degrade and punish migrants in every way (as does the British Government), but stop short of actually taking their lives as an official policy. This hard-line plays-out well with the far-right and inspires fascist thugs like Brenton Tarrant (who shot small children in the head) to take this policy one step further. The Socialist world condemns ALL manifestation of fascism, with China and the DPRK leading the way in the fight against extremism! Finally, if Brenton Tarrant had been Black or Asian and his victim ‘White’, I suspect he would have been shot dead by the police and no one would have cared…

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