English Heritage: Nye Bevan NHS Blue Plaque Unveiled in London (2015)

Blue Plaque - Nye Bevan (NHS)
Nye Bevan Launched the NHS 70 Years Ago!

Once established by the Labour Party in 1948, the ‘Socialist’ NHS (which was opposed by Winston Churchill and the British Medical Association) benefitted the entire nation! Premised on the ‘free at use’ medical system developed much earlier by Lenin in the Soviet Union, the NHS came under attack by Winston Churchill in the 1950’s (and other politicians throughout the 1970’s), before Margaret Thatcher changed its founding principle from one of ‘care’ to that of ‘cost’. This was a precursor to ‘Private Finance Initiative’ of ‘New’ Labour which opened-up ‘privatised’ internal markets in the NHS (resulting in rapid cuts of staff, treatments and facilities). The NHS was finally fully ‘privatised’ in 2012 by the Tory-LibDems Coalition with the abolition of the legal requirement of the NHS to a) ‘treat’ a patient, and b) offer a patient suitable and relevant treatment. Today, many unqualified and certainly ‘non-DBS’ checked ‘private’ firms offer substandard care whilst ‘charging’ the elderly, the vunerable and the disabled, etc. Since 2012 tens of thousands of people in the UK have died from medical neglect due to the privatisation of the NHS and the ‘deskilling’ of its staff. Contrary to the above ‘English Heritage’ magazine article – Nye Bevan’s NHS nolonger exists! The middle class people currently living Chelsea and Belgravia resisted this plaque due to Nye Bevin’s Socialist views – but the plaque finally went up in 2015. It also bears the name of his wife Jennie Lee – one of the founders of the ‘Open University’. The OU was designed as a Socialist university allowing anyone to enter – but since those heady times it has become just another branch of the exclusive bourgeois educational establishment – but one which ironically ‘banned’ students from enrolling from Cuba. Why – because Cuba is a Socialist country not favoured by the US!

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