The Importance of Socialist Dialectics

Friedrich Engels – Dialectics of Nature

The left argues (and for good reason) over the nature, direction and practice of dialectics. Dialectics are the basis of all rational thought and modern science – the difference for the left is that the work of Marx and Engels is also considered a ‘science’ in its own right. This ‘Scientific will freeitself from the destructive aspects of capitalism – and develop its most progressive aspects into Socialism. Socialism emerges from capitalism as thenext stage human evolution. As Scientific Socialism is not Anarchism – it is understood that although the emphasis radically alters within a Socialist State– many of the outer manifestations of the capitalist system are retained albeit in a transformed variation. Economic development continues with the generated wealth being used to build a better society in every aspect. Although humanity is viewed as a ‘collective’ (the consequence of ‘class’ transformed) each individual in a Socialist society is given the means to maximise theirexistence through psychological and physical well-being and development. Full employment, free healthcare, free education and government administered property ensures that the creative spirit of every individual is enhanced, encouraged and fully actualised. This is important as a Socialist society is premised upon solving all of humanity’s problems through the development and use of a science unencumbered by the profit motive of predatory capitalism. Scientific Socialism explains the socio-economic development of humanity, but as a science this dove-tails exactly with the forces of conventional science, and by directingthese forces in the most efficient manner, unleashes every possible benefit for humanity in medicine and technology. All this development is dependent upon the dialectical direction of travel. If the dialectical direction of travel isdeficient, then society will not develop in a positive direction. Capitalism ispartly beneficial (to the rich) and partly detrimental (to the poor) in itsdialectical outlook. As there are more ‘poor’ than ‘rich’ it logically follows that for the entirety of society to develop equally, this injustice must bereversed or ironed-out. This is true as it is self-evident that generally speaking, the richest are not the best, and the poorest are not the worse. Deficient leftist ideologies premised upon deception (such as Trotskyism, Utopic Socialism and the Socialism of the 2nd International etc) do not possess the dialectical mechanism required to successfully transition societyfrom its capitalist to ‘Socialist’ position. This is a misuse of dialectic thought which is detrimental to the positive and progressive development of humanity. If the mind does not produce thoughts in a non-inverted manner, then the detriments associated with pre-modern (i.e. ‘feudal’) and capitalist modes of thinking not overcome and cannot be transcended.

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