Thinking for Yourself


On the face of it, an injunction to ‘think for yourself’ could appear to be an endorsement of bourgeois individualism, but nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that ‘we’ as a culture and species have been conditioned and enslaved into a ruthless class system run by individuals for their own personal profit and promotion. We are told that we are ‘individuals’ and that in this isolated reality we are ‘equal’ to one another, but this again is a bourgeois lie. The middle classes pursue their ‘individuality’ off the backs of the enslaved (collective) of workers who deceive themselves into thinking that they have a ‘share’ in this individuality, when in fact the only ‘share’ is that of possessing the right to service and serve bourgeois individualism. Working class people have a) no inherent power in a bourgeois society, and b) any power they might have is temporary and designed to enhance the well-being of the bourgeois system that has granted it. The working class exists within a pseudo-individualism designed to undermine its collective power, hemmed in on all sides by an aggressive bourgeois system that prevents any breakout through self-determination. Working class collectivity is continuously undermined and made impotent through legislation and convention. A watered-down ‘collectivity’ is superimposed by the Trotskyites and the bourgeoisie, as a stop-gap to prevent any genuine Revolutionary movements, whilst the average worker is brain-washed into falsely believing that he or she possesses ‘rights’! Years of studying human thought has taught me that if the working class is to find its ‘genuine’ collectivity, it is through freeing the existential mind of its past conditionality and re-discovering the true and dynamic individual thought processes that exist at heart of human collectivity. This process and achievement empowers the working class into the next stage of its evolutionary development. Thinking for yourself means that you can assess all the data that comes in through your senses afresh – free of bourgeois assessment and distortion. This allows for the natural collectivity of humanity (still very strong in the working class) to naturally shine through!

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