An Obituary for Myself – How to Live Through a Dialectical Death (26.10.2018)


How to void the convention of death, remain positive, and keep the dialectical forces progressively moving forward! Of course, I am not yet dead, but neither am I bothered by the prospect. Obituaries are for the still living to lament the still dead, and to sentimentalise a life that once was, or at least a particular view of a life that once was and that will be no more. As soon as the biological processes reach a critical impasse, then the brain-mind will cease to function in a body that nolonger can move – once I have transitioned, this state of process disintegration will undoubtedly apply to ‘me’. I thought that I would short-circuit the process and set the tone for my own obituary. By this time CPR will be out of the question, and as I live in the UK, I doubt Youtube will be hosting a dynamic, emotional, potentially violent and ultimately tear-jerking ‘911’ (i.e. 999 in the UK) audio (video) to an indifferent ‘Despatcher’ asking ridiculous – and at time – unfeeling questions!

Everyone will be ‘sorry for ‘my’ lose’ – accept myself – and will spend their time scribbling about in the dirt of history to find something worthwhile to say about a once living body and a fertile mind. On the other hand, an equally valid response would include a crushing silence and an equally crushing indifference to my life’s work (whatever that might be). I take no solace in theistic concepts and see no reason why (or even ‘how’) I should enjoy a disembodied bliss in a paradise of my choice! If the frictions of family get togethers when alive are anything to go by, I would prefer to quietly avoid the possibility of ‘meeting’ in the afterlife…  Why should we be cemented to this type of afterlife tyranny? Surely it is better to experience death as a welcome relief to the usual boundaries that define sentient existence?

Although millennia of experiencing death has conditioned us to think otherwise, death can be both ‘freeing’ and ‘fun’, although not to the funeral service, church authorities, ‘celebrities we have lost’ lists, and anyone else who makes money out of failing biological processes. Still, as in death we are all equal, at least the Communists have something to generally celebrate! What we need to do is achieve equal access to wealth, resources, education, housing, medical care and creativity whilst still in the living state, which is ironic when one considers that the forces of capitalism sustain themselves in the physical world by reducing many who were once living, to an exploitable state of ‘unliving’ (the Word spellcheck predictably does not like this). At this presumably ‘sad’ time, (I am not sad at all), it is best not to grumble. I have had more than my fair share of peace, tranquillity, happiness, love, pleasure and excitement. Even through the hard times – I regret nothing. I have met the world head-on, entirely through my own convictions and in my own way – I have shown only what I want to be seen, hidden what I consider regressive or of no use to the growth of others, and steadfastly pursued my own dialectical course of action.

I have ‘looked within’ only to find that barring artificial structures that unnaturally sustain introversion, all I have been doing is engaging in a meditative activity that ultimately ends in ‘looking out’ onto the martial world with a non-inverted mind. What have I learned? Buddha was right – Marx was right – and variants of (including Lenin, Stalin and Mao, etc). Capitalism is wrong because it is unnatural and designed to hinder and retard human evolutionary development at both the individual and species level – which means Darwin was right. If religions teach people to care and support one another – then they are useful – if they enslave humanity and adhere to capitalist strictures, then they are a menace that must be eradicated from the human mind and body. Death is not the dialectical end for the quest of humanity, but a minor inconvenience pertaining to the individual. However, I cannot help but think that whilst experiencing the death of others (and our own deaths), we are in some way fulfilling a higher evolutionary purpose. Whatever the case, billions of humans and animals have lived and died before me, and I suspect that my incarnation has been far more enjoyable and fulfilling. One clear sign of Socialist evolution has to be a profound change in how humanity perceives and behaves toward animal life on Earth. There must be a change from cruelty to civility in this area and 24-hour slaughter factories must become thing of the past.

Hold a good horse-stance and carry a good Red Flag! These things are interconnected and should be pursued when young, middle-aged and elderly. Secure a good partner and procreate if that is your destiny. From a free-flowing human love, all other forms of love are manifested. Remember that ALL human relationships and conventions are ‘conditioned’ – including heterosexual, bisexual and homosexual orientations – the great Michele Causse taught humanity that! Despite the US bourgeoisie committing murder and oppression against its own working-class population and the people around the world, the thinking is that the oppression it practises is generating the conditions for a Socialist Revolution in the US. Look at the work of Prof. Erwin Corey (1916-2018) to see how a Communist lives in such a state of development. Certainly, the US System must produce (be the necessity of its default, reactionary position), just as much great stupidity as it produces great dialectical understanding! To be sure, we must crush US stupidity just as much as we lift-up and praise US wisdom! After-all, the world will change and the killers of today will be lost throughout the mists of time. Like Marx, I believe that the UK – being the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution – possesses all the dialectical positioning and direction of movement to lead the Western world in Socialist Revolution and for its academics to expose the lies of the Cold War and present a ‘true’ history of the Soviet Union, Communist China, Socialist Cuba, Socialist Vietnam, Socialist Laos – and others! This we must do to set the human mind firmly on the Path of Scientific Socialism and create a better inner and outer world for our children. Do not forget India – the inventor of ancient Communism and the practitioners (in various areas) of modern Communism! I firmly believe that an outer Revolution of society contains an important internal component of ‘inner’ transformation, and that advanced meditators (like the Buddha, Mahavira, Ramana Maharshi and others) already exist (through a profound act of will) to already live in the Communist mind and body state, but often in a world that has not yet ‘caught up’.

Be brave. Protect the young, elderly and the vulnerable! Protect the animals and the environment. Sacrifice for a better tomorrow! Be kind, compassionate and wise, but also be strong and tough when required. Never be a victim of human stupidity, hatred or ignorance, always fight the fascists – they rely on your opposition to ‘cure’ them! Dialectically discover the premise of Scientific Science in your mind and body. Read widely, sit in parks and watch the pigeons. Learn from unusual people – as they pay the social price for their difference. Help but do not be over-bearing. Give space when required and intercede when necessary. Learn Taijiquan, Shaolin Gongfu or any variant of the world’s martial arts – it will keep your mind and body in good condition and fit into older age. As for professions – you must do what you ned to do – whilst I have survived without compromising my principles (which might explain why I haven’t amassed wealth!). Share what you have and help others feel happy. Education is the most important aspect of life and just education in a classroom, but anywhere ad everywhere. Do not be afraid of conflict but bring order to chaos! Although I am alive today – one day in the future (in fact, for most of the ‘future’) I will not be ‘alive’ in the conventional sense. As we are all energy, energy cannot be ‘created’ or ‘destroyed’ but seems to change form. At the quantum level it might even be ‘borrowed’ from the future to maintain the present, with the macro-world being the by-product of the quantum process (as far as we know). Future generations may read these words as a form of archaeology and discern the epoch within which I lived. After all, the point of this diatribe is that ‘I once lived’ and lived well. A state of affairs I wish for all beings…  A story which can be told but never adequately finished… Still, no tears but only happiness, hope and the assured sense of achievement about to be fulfilled!


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