The CIA-inspired Almighty God Cult and its use of Terrorism

Shandong Almighty God Cult Murderers on Trial

It is well-known that the United States merged certain elements of Islamic theology with Western nationalist racism, and created ‘Islamo-fascism’ in Afghanistan amongst the ignorant tribes, as a means to a) counter the rise of Socialism amongst the educated classes in the country, and b) to generate a brutal and armed resistance to the Soviet incursion into that country (in support of Afghani Socialism). Once founded, financed, armed and trained, Islamo-fascism has morphed into various movements, many of which now view the United States as their mortal enemy! The US condemns terrorism whilst using terrorist tactics all over the world to spread its imperialist dominance and capitalist expansion. Communist China – which is a peace-loving Socialist country – has been the victim of at least three US attempts to destroy the ruling Communist Party of China, all utilising ‘religion’ as the primary means. The three CIA-funded agencies for these activities are the Pro-Tibetan Movement, the Falun Gong Cult and the Almighty God Cult (also known as Eastern Lightning). Although all three entities employ extensive criminality in pursuit of their political aims, it is the Almighty God Cult which has openly ‘declared war’ on the Communist Party of China (CPC), whereas the other two cults tend to package themselves as ‘victims’ of the CPC, presumably to generate ‘sympathy’ in the international community. The Almighty God Cult is not popular in the world (as it is rejected by mainstream Christianity), and is not interested in being liked by the media. Indeed, even in the capitalist West it has attracted considerable criticism from the press. The Almighty God Cult has not found the sentimental sympathy received by the criminal Dalai Lama (generated through Hollywood), or the false conflating of the Falun Gong Cult with harmless middle-aged women practising Taijiquan. What is disturbing about this CIA operation is that the Almighty God Cult pursues rape and murder to an extraordinary degree, as primary tactics amongst the Chinese population. Its purpose is to ‘terrorise’ ordinary Chinese people into regressing into a fearful state of religious ignorance, and abandoning the very Socialism that has dramatically improved their lives. It spreads its false Christian doctrine through the very same terrorism that is common-place within Islamo-fascism. The miscalculation the CIA has made in this instance, is that by and large the ordinary Chinese population possesses a generally higher level of education than primitive tribes living in the foot hills of Afghanistan, and are not prone to fall into a state of religious ignorance. This is why religious ignorance that ruthlessly serves the capitalist State must be eradicated from the human psyche and the US use of religious terrorism exposed, turned-back and thoroughly defeated. In this regard I fully support the crushing of the Almighty God Cult and the use of the Death Sentence for its ring-leaders who order and carry-out all the rapes and murders it inflicts upon the general population. I also recommend mercy for those who have been misled by the Almighty God Cult and would suggest long prison sentences and extensive re-education. Trade sanctions should also be applied to the US, the UK and the EU as a means to punish these kinds of violations of Chinese sovereignty.


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