When the Alt-Right Loses its Rag…


As I journey through the hinterland that is ‘social media’, I inevitably come into contact with various shades of rightwingism, fascism and neo-Nazism. This situation is made worse by the institutional ignorance that haunts the US, and is becoming ever more prevalent in the UK and Europe. As a Socialist (Marxist-Leninist) who is working toward a peaceful evolutionary upgrade for humanity, I consider it my duty to confront all forms of fascism, and expose this hatred through progressive educational responses and actions, premised upon the principle of the functionality of advanced dialectics. I do this because I feel a great love for humanity, and feel that we will all evolve into a Socialist – and then a Communist society sooner or later. This is the unfolding of Scientific Socialism, as politics affects everything without exception. Confronting neo-Nazism is part of carrying the Red Flag into battle and I am honoured to do so. As I am fit and strong, I voluntarily place myself between the neo-Nazi thugs and their would-be victims.

I report posts routinely on Facebook – not because I believe there is any justice in Facebook – but to undermine the Zuckerberg system itself (he knows that I know about the rightwingism Facebook practises). However, recently there was a piece of fascist scum who made a post criticising Black and Asian people for reporting incidence of racism experienced at the BBC – claiming that complaining about this racism was, in fact ‘racist’. The person who wrote this inverted nonsense hides his real name and posts as ‘Devil’s Advocate’. He stated that White people in the UK are the victims of racism, and that non-Whites are the problem. This is the inverted mind-set that Marx identified as operating through Judeo-Christian religion (aptly enough). I pointed-out his madness and the fact he was going to be reported. So far, so good. Usually, when I take this corrective action, the idiots involve leave it at that and back away – but Devil’s Advocate decided to send me this wonderful demonstration of deficient moral and factual education which I am re-producing here for entertained an educational purposes:

‘You poor simpleton Adrian Chan-Wyles. I have no issue with you wasting your time on reporting something you believe to be fake, but honestly?? how can you advocate racism?? You must be one sick MOTHER, if you think it is ok in this day and age to allow organisations like the BBC to advocate racism and allow a particular skin colour or ethnic background advantage over another. There are people out there that can help you. Do not give up on equality.. Seek help from those who can explain to you what racism is. Good luck.’

What is interesting, is that I have my FB Chat facility permanently ‘turned-off’, but it was ‘turned-on’ by an unknown source, which allowed this ‘Devil’s Advocate’ to directly contact me instead of going through the ‘Private Message’ function. Still, this does not bother me, as it just serves as more information to report. Fascism and its poor gramma, syntax, spelling and sentence structure will be defeated!

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