Yellow Nazis – My Conversation with a US Counter-Intelligence Operative

Nazi German ‘Koreans’ Captured at Normandy

I spent a few hours recently in conversation with a colleague who used to work within the murky waters of US counter-intelligence. He told me that his primary task was ‘script writing’ for the media and academic establishments, and that his mission was to generate and sustain counter-narratives. When I enquired what these counter narratives were, he answered anything that DID NOT reveal the truth or reality of the situation. As we had met to discuss the US disinformation campaign against China (his speciality), he explained to me that as long as ‘Communist’ China remains outside the world banking system, it will be attacked mercilessly until it is brought into the US-dominated international system of commerce and military action. This is where we enter the looking-glass. Although Socialism is the only ideology to support and develop the working class, the working class in the West must be encouraged to a) hate Socialism, and b) hate the Chinese people. The former is achieved by associating Marxist-Leninism with Hitlerism, and the latter is achieved by perpetuating anti-Chinese racist attitude in the West. This creates that is referred to within the White House as the ‘Yellow Nazis’ syndrome. Of course, we know that China is no worse than most developed countries, but we cannot tolerate a China that is independently wealthy, scientifically advanced and rhetorically opposed to consumer capitalism. We know full well that China is no more a fascist country than the USSR was, but we also know that mythology (both for and against) surrounding Hitlerism is so powerful in the West, all we have to do is associate an evil Hitler with the regime of a contemporary China. After-all, in principle the US is opposed to all forms of Socialism EXCEPT national socialism, which we think is a good compromise between tyranny and capitalism – unless you happen to be Chinese, that is. Hitler may have had his faults, but being anti-capitalist was not one of them. None of this matters in the popular mind, and it is the popular mind that we seek to control, guide and influence. The White House, if pushed on this issue, would prefer Hitler to Stalin, as Hitler had no intention of saving the international working class, whereas the type of Socialism embraced by China is premised upon ‘internationalism’, and we simply cannot allow US citizens developing a mind-set that admires and relates to the Chinese working class. This is why we portray the Chinese people as being physically, morally and culturally repugnant. To spice things up, we throw-in animal cruelty just to be on the safe side. Everyone knows that Tibet is part of China and no one takes the Buddhists seriously. The same goes for the Falun Gong lunatics (which we pay and house). If any movement like this targeted the US government in the manner the Falun Gong target China, we would have them all arrested and imprisoned, with the ring-leaders ‘shot’ by the police for ‘resisting arrest’, if you know what I mean. We in the US would not tolerate the behaviour of the Pro-Tibetan Movement or the Falun Gong, and yet we are responsible for both groups! Neither group could exist without our support (which prevents other countries taking action). There are people in the US that would love to get rid of these two groups but are prevented from doing so because of our ‘Yellow Nazis’ initiative. We cannot take our foot of the disinformation peddle, as China is developing so fast outside the capitalist system that we really do not have any idea what to do. We have tried ignoring, blockading, and trading with unequal tariffs, but China has ignored it all and just carried-on regardless! We even tried open war and that never worked. Chia is so much more powerful now, that we think direct action is now out of the question. All we can do now is hope that by demonizing Communist China, we can keep enough of our people dumbed-dow and believing lies. for as long as it takes for Communist China to collapse.

Indians in the Nazi German Army

I clarified my understanding, but I wanted to know the ‘root’ deception of this mad plan. I was genuinely surprised by the answer. y colleague continued: this all goes back to Koreans forced to fight for the Imperial Japanese Army prior to WWII. Some of these Koreans were captured by the Soviets in 1938 ad 1939, and educated into Soviet Socialism. They then volunteered to join the Red Army and be deployed around the Western USSR. In the disastrous first weeks of the Nazi German invasion, thee Koreans were captured and imprisoned. Normally these ‘inferior’ races would have been shot and thrown into a pit, but as the Nazi Germans had lost so many men, non-Aryans were recruited into the Hitlerite forces. These forces were used as cannon-fodder and placed in the German frontline in Normandy. I believe they fell into US hands when they were captured. These men were confused and did not really know what was happening. Most Americans cannot tell the difference between Chinese or Koreans – and so we make use of this propaganda to misrepresent Communist China. The Nazi Germans were racist, but their army had an Oriental Regiment and an Indian Army – both of very limited ability and generally treated with disdain. If we told Fox News or the History Channel to put out the above photograph as a picture of the People’s Liberation Army – most Americans would believe it without question. We did ponder the idea of misrepresenting Muslims as ‘Nazis’ by using photographs of Sikhs in the Nazi German Army (an idea liked by Israel), but it was found that many people understand that a Sikh is not a Muslim, and that Islam does not really need this type of misrepresentation – it is well-known that Hitler had good relations with Palestinians, ec.

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