Uprooting Falun Gong Ideology

Flag of the Communist Party of Chprimarily ina (CPC)

According to Falun Gong ideology, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has been responsible for the systematic destruction of tradition Chinese culture. However, from a logical, historical and academic point of view, this Falun Gong assertion is obviously not true. It is a falsehood premised upon an incomplete and incoherent grasp of history in China. In reality, the destruction of imperial China and its cultural vehicle began not with the CPC (which was developed in the early 1920’s), but rather with the incursion of primarily ‘British’ imperialist and colonialist forces, which reached a destructive peak around a century earlier. Of course, this invasion of China (and the subsequent period of ‘Unequal Treaties’) did not just involve Great Britain, but at the time it was the British presence around the globe that was most decisive, and which served to ‘focus’ the European assault upon imperial China. Writing for the New York Tribune (on June 14th, 1953), this is what Karl Marx (then living in Britain) had to say on this matter:

‘A most profound yet fantastic speculator on the principles which govern the movements of Humanity was wont to extol as one of the ruling secrets of nature what he called the law of the contact of extremes. The homely proverb that “extremes meet” was, in his view, a grand and potent truth in every sphere of life; an axiom with which the philosopher could as little dispense as the astronomer with the laws of Kepler or the great discovery of Newton.

Whether the “contact of extremes” be such a universal principle or not, a striking illustration of it may be seen in the effect the Chinese revolution seems likely to exercise upon the civilized world. It may seem a very strange, and a very paradoxical assertion that the next uprising of the people of Europe, and their next movement for republican freedom and economy of Government, may depend more probably on what is now passing in the Celestial Empire — the very opposite of Europe — than on any other political cause that now exists — more even than on the menaces of Russia and the consequent likelihood of a general European war. But yet it is no paradox, as all may understand by attentively considering the circumstances of the case.

Whatever be the social causes, and whatever religious, dynastic, or national shape they may assume, that have brought about the chronic rebellions subsisting in China for about ten years past, and now gathered together in one formidable revolution the occasion of this outbreak has unquestionably been afforded by the English cannon forcing upon China that soporific drug called opium. Before the British arms the authority of the Manchu dynasty fell to pieces; the superstitious faith in the eternity of the Celestial Empire broke down; the barbarous and hermetic isolation from the civilized world was infringed; and an opening was made for that intercourse which has since proceeded so rapidly under the golden attractions of California and Australia. At the same time the silver coin of the Empire, its lifeblood, began to be drained away to the British East Indies.’

(Revolution in China and In Europe)

As can been seen, the Western incursion into ‘traditional’ China unleashed destructive forces the like of which China had never experienced. Modern, industrialised weaponry employed by the Europeans swept aside traditional Chinese weaponry, and made a mockery of Chinese bravery and virtue on he battlefield. Standing-up to this barbaric invasion with outdated weapons and tactics sent psychological and physiological shock-waves throughout the length and breadth of China! It was English cannons that started the demise of imperial China and destruction of traditional Chinese culture in 1840, and not the CPC which was founded until 1921, but did not come to power until 1949. In the interim, the ‘Nationalist’ or ‘Republican’ government took power in 1911, and it was tis pro-Western, pro-capitalist and pro-Christian movement which was responsible for the over-throwing of the old imperial order, and the instigation of a rapid modernisation programme (which at one point even saw the switch from chop-sticks to Western-style knife and forks!). Nationalist redevelopment policies saw the wide-spread destruction of Buddhist and Daoist temples to make way for new buildings, with protests from the intelligentsia being ignored or pushed aside (as getting in the way of progress). The Chinese scholar Cen Xue Lu (岑學呂) [1882-1963] – the biographer of the famous Ch’an Buddhist monk known as Master Xu Yun (虛雲) [1840-1959) – states that as a Member of the Nationalist government, he personally over-saw the destruction of Buddhist and Daoist temples. His participation in this destructive Nationalist policy ended when he met with Master Xu Yun and became his disciple.

When the Nationalist dictator Chiang Kai Shel rose to power, he immediately set-about attacking any Chinese resistance to Westernisation. In 1927 he ordered Nationalist troops to massacre upwards of 10,000 Chinese Communist supporters in Shanghai, whilst in 1928, Chiang Kai-Shek ordered the destruction of the famous Shaolin Temple in Henan. Much of the North of China was at best ambiguous toward the Nationalists, with various Warlords and peasant movements showing signs of interest in the growing Communist Movement. Nationalist aggression was only diverted when the imperial Japanese began to agitate from the Manchurian area of Northeast China from 1931 – 1945, (invading and occupying large swathes of Eastern and Southern China until finally defeated by the Soviet Union). The Japanese were so brutal that Nationalist outrages against the Chinese people were eclipsed, with only the Communist Red Army exercising discipline, civility and resistance. In this war the Nationalists were discredited and defeated before fleeing to the US colony of Taiwan in 1949 (committing numerous atrocities on that island).

The Falon Gong Cult tells you known of this history simply because its frontman – CIA operative Li Hongzhi – does not want you to know the facts. The Falun Gong literature churns-out lie after lie about the CPC, but omits the fact that the Nationalist government (which supports the Falun Gong Cult and rules in Taiwan), but tels you nothing about the long list of human rights abuses, murder, rape, false imprisonment and torture committed by the Nationalists with US knowledge and approval. In fact, over than ideological and social reform (washing away feudalism and capitalist exploitation), the CPC has been and extremely progressive force for good, doing much to re-invigorate traditional Chinese culture in the modern and post-modern age. Of course, the Falun Gong Cult does not want you to know this because such correct knowledge makes a mockery of all the Falun Gong claims to the contrary. If real history is not enough to convince you of the false nature of the Falun Gong Cult, consider the following information. In recent years the CPC has collaborated with a number of international investigative committees which have thoroughly explored every Falun Gong allegation levelled at the CPC – only to find no evidence whatsoever. The latest of these vindications of the CPC was carried-out under the supervision of the Vatican. Do not fall prey to the medieval ignorance of the Falun Gong Cult. Study history and use logic and reason to uproot highly dangerous and exploitative cult ideology!

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