Fascist Facebook and its Latest Attack on Political Freedom


I write tirelessly to expose the very dangerous Falun Gong Cult, which is financed by the US and administered by the CIA. It is a criminal organisation that is involved in financial fraud, kidnap, rape sexual exploitation, murder and a number of other terrible and highly damaging activities. However, recently Facebook ‘blocked’ an advert designed to‘boost’ one of my Falun Gong Cult posts which can be read here: UPROOTING FALUN GONG IDEOLOGY The Admin of the BMA (UK) then contacted me and said the intended ‘boosted’ advert for this post was rejected, and that Facebook had ‘removed’ the post from the BMA (UK) site, and issued the following and extraordinary message of Civil Rights infringement:


Facebook Message reads:

‘We’re asking people who want to run ads containing political content in the US to confirm their identity. This is part of our efforts to make ads more transparent.

Confirm your identity.

You need your address, a copy of a photo ID and the last four digits of your Social Security number to confirm your identity.

We’ll also get you to secure your account to protect against unauthorised access by setting up two-factor authentication.’

As the BMA (UK) and myself operate out of the UK, and as it is obvious from our profile information that we do not live in the USA, this message is even more strange. We have appealed this Facebook decision on the grounds of its illegality in the UK and await developments. In the meantime, if this incident should teach anything, it is how the Falun Gong Cult is used in the US as a government tool to attack Communist China. It is the same in the UK, but I am usually permitted (under law) to go about my business as a free thinking individual. As always, down with Facebook fascism!

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