The Anatomy of a Shen Yun Performance

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All that glitters is not gold, and this famous saying sums-up exactly the Shen Yun performances in the West. Founded in 2006 by the mysteriously named ‘DF’, Shen Yun is simply an extension of the Falun Gong Cult – with ‘DF’ being none other than cult founder and leader Li Hongzhi. Developed during the Bush Jr Era, this not too well thought out CIA ‘psychological operation’ was designed to raise funds for the flagging Falun Gong Cult, and further the US mission of destabilising Socialist China and bringing down the Communist Party. As a consequence, the rather obvious Eurocentric and underlying racist ideology that defines Shen Yun is clear for all to see. As raising money for the criminal activities of the Falun Gong Cult is the primary function of Shen Yun, ticket prices can vary from £50 to £150 or more. Do not let the glossy photography fool you – the Shen Yun sets are nothing like as glamorous as the pictures would suggest, and despite being around 2 hours long, each performance possesses virtually no genuine expression of traditional Chinese dance or martial culture. What surprises many educated Westerners (when they attend a Shen Yun performance), is the lack of professionalism inherent in the production, and the low artistic ability and value of the presentation. Although packaged as being the ‘Chinese’ equivalent of ballet or Shakespeare(!) by the theatre companies that host these shows, the reality is that Shen Yun is extremely amateurish and not an expression of high art at all. This is not surprising, as Shen Yun was never really about ‘art’, but rather ‘deception’ – just as the Falun Gong Cult is not about ‘health’ but about ‘destruction’. Indeed, as you sit through this nightmare of a performance, and the reality of the situation begins to dawn, you are subjected to routine propaganda broadcasts throughout, extolling the spiritual attainment of Li Hongzhi, and the superior nature of Falun Gong Cult thought! This culminates in an orgy of pro-Falun Gong Cult statements made by Western people young and old, male and female), who are obviously being ‘forced’ into memorizing and repeating a script. These people should be pitied as they are victims of a prolific cult developed by the CIA, and currently tolerated because of its illegal political aims. Do not get involved with Falun Gong Cult criminality, and do not pay money to Shen Yun – as these two criminal outfits share the same corrupt root in Li Hongzhi!

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