Communists Backing Labour in Sutton


Make no mistake about it, the Libdems in Sutton (Southwest London) follow exactly the same pro-EU, neo-liberal agenda as the Tories in Sutton (and the UK). These are two bourgeois political parties that agree in same middle class agenda, but disagree (slightly) on how to keep the working class subordinate to its bourgeois over-lords. Not far behind in this duplicity are the Green Party – which has called for an alliance with the racist UKIP – and firmly supported any and all ‘Austerity’ measures. Within the terms, conditions and traditions of liberal democracy, only the Labour Party possesses the political potential to represent the working class through the ballet box. This is historically true irrespective of the direction the Labour Party has taken since 1997, which is being altered by Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn may not be a Marxist-Leninist, and is in all probability influenced by Trotskyism, but within liberal democracy, he represents the nearest the Labour Party has ever got toward the Socialist left. Within liberal democracy everything is a compromise, and this can be used for the betterment of the working class within the capitalist system, until such a time that predatory capitalism is over-thrown and replaced with permanent Socialism. This is why the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) supports Labour and the Unions – as vehicles to achieve Socialism through the ballot box. This acknowledgement of a possible pathway to Socialism in Britain does not necessarily equate to agreeing with everything Labour (or the Unions) do, but it is an acknowledgement of a definite possibility – which according to Lenin must be seized with both hands! If each and every possibility is not identified, understood and pursued, then an important chance thrown-up by the vicissitudes of dialectical and material history might well be missed. This has to be the case as we do not live in early 20th century (feudal) Russia, but exist around 100 years later in one of the richest and most developed capitalist countries in the world! We may learn from the monumental and highly important lessons of the 1917 October Russian Revolution, this is true as it changed the world, but we must also apply Marxist-Leninist thinking to the times (and places) within which we live.

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