Lenin’s Method of Dialectical Fluidity


Reading about Lenin’s early political career, I was struck by how he was determined in pursuing the path he thought was dialectically correct, even if it meant him not being momentarily popular amongst the various leftist groups he encountered within Russia and elsewhere. Much of this information is preserved in the memoirs of his partner Nadezhda Krupskaya, where she mentions that Lenin would often walk out of meetings if he thought the direction was wrong, or refuse to attend a meeting if he thought those in control were corrupt or mistaken in their approach. I have even read stories of Lenin laughing out loud when meetings took bizarre or utopic turns with no bearing upon reality. This demonstrates that a) we must all be willing to learn from others, and b) be prepared to follow the path we think is correct regardless of popularity, criticism and censure. Lenin’s judgement turned-out to be correct because he was able to read the situation correctly and always react in the best interests of the local and international working class. Lenin did not waste his time participating within groups that operated from nepotism or out of cliques – (like many contemporary incarnations of the Communist Party), but chose to forever move onward supported by a small, strong and growing group of individuals who understood what Lenin could see. Many today, particularly within the Communist Movement, are bereft of direction and pursue all kinds of Trotskyite distortions and dialectical dead-ends. This includes the watering-down of Marxist-Leninism, and a dalliance with Trade Unionism and the bourgeois left. This is not to say that Lenin did not advocate co-operation, but rather the co-operation he emphasised was one of Proletariat leadership, and not one of Proletariat subordination. Lenin remained intellectually independent, whilst remaining intimately connected to the mass working class consciousness. He knew what was required and when it was required, did not suffer fools, and was quick to point-out the dialectical weaknesses of other leftist leaders both within Russia and around the world. Today, the Communist Movement (with one or two exceptions) is polluted by a sense of bourgeois intellectualism and egotism. This is a dialectical error that must be corrected if the ideology of Scientific Socialism is to be properly realised in the world. This current situation is caused by the inevitable confusion associated with the post-Soviet era, and the apparent (but ‘false’) victory of capitalism over Socialism. These errors of interpretation are apparent, discernible and correctable. We must learn from Lenin’s dialectical fluidity and put right what has been spoiled. This is not a mystery, but a matter of practical work and common sense. This is just one of the reasons Lenin’s light still shines brightly for the benefit of humanity.

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